10 Red Velvet Desserts That Should Be In Your Life Right This Minute

Some say that red velvet is only meant for Valentine’s Day, because of the colour of the food, but we say that’s a whole lot of baloney. Desserts of red velvet were not made with the day of love in mind, it was made as a dessert to tingle the tastebuds. And for years, it’s been doing that. It might have started out as a layer cake with cream separating each layer of the red velvet cake, but over the years, it’s branched into so much more and it’s now being used in pretty much everything.

The red colour is derived from using beetroot or red food colouring, mixed with cream cheese icing and whatever else you desire to make the dessert of your choice. It’s a wonderful change from the ordinary chocolate, but here’s the great thing about red velvet – it goes with anything. Some credit the movie ‘Steel Magnolias’ as the reason the red velvet cake made a cupcake. But whatever it is, we’re all loving it.

So to give you something other than the usual suspects to enjoy, here are some delicious desserts that you need to either make at home or get your hands on pronto!

Ice Cream


The no-churn ice cream method is probably the easiest way to do this. A drop of red food colouring (or maybe a few more drops) into the mixture and voila, you have yourself your very own red velvet ice cream.




You’ll be surprised by the number of places that will have this on their menu. A red velvet base with a chocolate topping and crumbled cookies to boot? This already looks delicious!


Nutella Stuffed Cookies


Can you imagine biting into one of those delicious looking red velvet cookies and getting a mouthful of Nutella? Sign us up for that!


French Toast


You can make this one at home. In your egg wash, add in coco powered and red food colouring. Obviously your egg wash needs to have milk to make it thick before you dunk your bread slices into the bowl. Then cook and bam, you’re all set.


Oreo Brownies


Just like the regular brownies, this one has the red velvet as the base and Oreo cookies as the topper. Come on, can you really go wrong with this? Can’t find it in stores, make it at home!




There are three very popular red velvet options these days and this is definitely one of them. You can either do a baked version or a no-bake version and both will taste heavenly. Make sure you use Oreo cookies in the base!




Everybody now serves red velvet pancakes! Get a plate of red velvet and a plate of chocolate pancakes, mix and match and you’ll have the most amazing breakfast ever.




If you haven’t tried this yet, stop reading this list and go make yourself some. And you know this works? Add in red velvet cake into the blender with the ice cream, milk and cream cheese, so it’s nice and thick and delicious!




Like the cheesecake, one of the most popular red velvet desserts are cupcakes, with the buttercream frosting. If you haven’t had one of these yet, we’re judging you.




And finally another one of those super popular red velvet desserts, with buttercream filling. Come on, you know the drill by now!