10 Recipes To Make For Your Child This Children’s Day

10 Recipes To Make For Your Child This Children’s Day

Want to spread a smile across the face of your child or even niece or nephew for that matter? Pamper them by getting a pretty gift and throwing them a Children’s Day party by making these simple yet delicious recipes!

Chicken Nuggets

Quick to make and even quicker to vanish from your table, this is a perfect treat for an occasion like children’s day or any other special occasion!

Pizza Muffins

What if you could merge two of the children’s favourites? Make these delicious pizza muffins and it’ll be an evening to remember.

Chocolate Pretzels

It ain’t a party for kids nor adults without the magic of chocolate. Get a little innovative in the kitchen and make delicious chocolate pretzels for the party!

Chicken Mayo Sandwich

Having a sandwich is a must and chicken mayo sandwich goes down well with kids and let’s face it, they are easy to make too.

Vegetable Roll Recipe

To put a vegetarian dish out on the table gets restricted to fritters and samosas so why not change the menu a bit, and make delicious vegetable rolls instead?

Belgian Chocolate Cake

Instead of getting a cake from outside, bake your child a cake this children’s day and you won’t believe how obedient they are going to be. For a few days at least.

Jammy Buns

For kids who grew up reading Enid Blyton, we recommend you make these jammy buns. Not only will they love it, you will be in the hall of fame for weeks to come.

Pumpkin Pasties

We’ve got something for Potter fans too! Give your kids a delight from the wizarding world – Pumpkin Pasties!

Ragi Idli

They are tasty, delectable and a perfect party treat. Plus, they are on the healthier side too!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can make a few batches and actually keep some on the party table and enjoy it for the whole week. Whoever said children’s day should only last for one day.

Lastly make these delights and enjoy them yourselves too. Feed your inner child these delicacies, and make it annual cheat day!