10 Rainbow Recipes In Celebration of The US Supreme Court Ruling

It’s been a couple of days since the US Supreme Court declared that gay marriage is now legal across all fifty states of America. New Yorkers took to the streets in celebration of the landmark judgement, decked in all their rainbow finery. In the spirit of equality and celebration, here are some rainbow recipes to cook up – for a party, a marriage, or simply just because

1) Rainbow Waffles





These gorgeous waffles are made the regular way, with a dash of food colouring! 

2) Pizza

Not only is this pizza pretty, but it’s also packed with veggies for a hearty, nutritious lunch. 

3) Rainbow Rice Krispies





Crunchy and delish! 

4) Kit Kat and M & M Ice Cream Cake


Chocolate, layers of ice cream and pops of M & Ms, all arranged in a beautiful rainbow –  what more could you ask for? 

5) Rainbow Glazed Donuts 

Creating the glaze for this batch of donuts will remind you of the carefree days you played with finger-paints in kindergarten. 

6) Rainbow Jello Shots





A celebration calls for a drink, right? This super hyper bartender shows us how to make simple jello shots.

7) Rainbow Popsicle Recipe





Beat summer with a batch of these delicious, seven fruit popsicles!

8) Rainbow Macarons 

If you feel like the cooking Gods are smiling on you today, try this happy rainbow macaron recipe. 

9) Rainbow Salad

Eating a naturally colourful plate of food is extremely healthy, as is the guacamole dip that comes along with this salad. 

10) Tie Dyed White Chocolate Blondie

We used to make rainbow desserts  for our mothers with play dough when we were little. Now, we can make the real thing!