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10 Pure vegetarian restaurants in Mumbai that will turn even a meat lover


Ask around and you’ll definitely hear that vegetarian food is bland or boring. But hand them a nice stuffed potato baked in its jacket or some scrumptious moist banana bread and voila, they’ll have their lips smacking! While being a vegetarian is a choice, the food at these restaurants will have you forget about any choices at all. These ten restaurants serve you the best of vegetarian food be it Italian or Mexican or Indian.  

1. Quattro


Where – Lower Parel

What – Gnocchi, Nachos

They are known for their Mexican and Italian cuisines. Located opposite phoenix the crowd here attracts all sorts – families, students, young working adults, etc. The ambience is good and the food more so. Order a pizza or order tacos but don’t miss out on the fiery nachos they serve. The nachos are simply amazing with just the right amount of fire and spice that gives it its name.

2. Breeze


Where – Powai

What – Cheese balls, Pizzas

A rooftop restaurant with a view of the Powai skyline and lake, the Hiranandani Gardens and adding to the view the constant supply of breeze, do I need to go on? The ambience is really good and perfect for casual meals with friends and family or even a date. The food compliments the ambience by being equally delightful. Once you get over the ambience, or maybe you don’t, try the cheese balls or the ravioli both are a definite try.

3. Under the Banyan Tree


Where – Peddar Road

What – Stuffed Potato Skin

For an open air cafe the place has real good ambience and a lot to offer on the menu. The stuffed potato skin is definite drool inducer.  Add to that a green apple mojito and if you still have room then get the cheese quesadillas.

4. Spesso


Where – Nariman Point

What – Mexican

For a vegetarian restaurant, Spesso offers you European, Italian and Mexican cuisine to choose from. What’s good here? Try their nachos which are so crisp and cheesy you’d be asking for more or the burritos, your choice. But don’t, just don’t, leave without having the Mexican rice and then the hazelnut pot to polish your meal off.

5. Chetana


Where – Kala Ghoda, Fort

What – Thalis

They offer you the most delectable thalis – Rajasthani, Gujarati and Maharashtrian thalis. Their food is simply too good to describe. You’ve got to go there and experience it for yourself. Also, whatever you do just remember to keep space for the dessert! The churme ka laddoo, jalebi and puran poli will have you wishing for an extra stomach to hold all that goodness.

6. Bhagat Tarachand

bgt tarachnd

Where – Vashi, Navi Mumbai

What – Pav Bhaji, Thali, Paneer Kolhapuri

The vegetarian foodie’s heaven, Bhagat Tarachand is popular for their special thali. If you’re a Pav Bhaji lover like me, you’ll never go wrong with a Pav Bhaji at Bhagat Tarachand’s. Another thing not to miss is the buttermilk (chhaas) or the jaljeera to wash down your food with. Just one word to describe the food and drink – YUM!


7. Relish

relish chocofondue

Where – Churchgate

What – Continental, Italian, Mexican

Another vegetarian’s delight, they have the most amazing American cheese balls that you must try and the chocolate fondue, oh the chocolate fondue. If you’re not fond of cheese balls try the Mexican lasagna or the sizzlers. You will indeed Relish the food here.

8. Cream Center

creamcentre sizzlers

Where – Chowpatty

What – Italian

Everybody knows Cream Center, vegetarian or not. Some of their most popular dishes are nachos, cheese corn balls and sizzlers. Whenever I’ve been to Cream Center (mind you I’m a hard core non-veggie) it’s always The Big Nachos first and then some Italian Baked Sizzler. Always leaves me wanting to come back for more. Always.

9. Cafe Madras

madrascafe veggie delight

Where – King’s Circle, Matunga

What – Breakfast hotspot

One of the oldest restaurants in the city Cafe Madras serves you the best South Indian food you could ask for. Their service is fast, food is delicious and you almost always will wait for ten minutes to get a seat because it is that popular! Remember to try their special neer dosa, raagi masala and idli butter podi.

10. The Good Food Co.

the good food co

Where – Vile Parle East

What – Fast food

The Good Food Co. is a small quaint little place tucked into a Gujarati locality. It might be a little hard to find this place but the search is definitely worth the food they serve. A fast food joint that serves only vegetarian, sounds like something you want to try for yourself! Although known for their burgers you really must try the Lebanese and ice teas they offer. Finally, if you love fries try the cheesy fries here because they’re as cheesy as they can cheesily be!