10 Punjabi Dishes You Need To Try Before You Die. And How to Make Them.

Say the word Punjab and your mind flashes with green fields, beautiful farms and of course the extremely happy and warm people of Punjab. But who could forget the culinary treasures of Punjab? Punjab’s food is a lot like its people – warm, robust, rich and full of life. And that’s what makes Punjabi food so popular across the country and the world.

The diversity of Punjabi cuisine is impressive to say in the least. Whether you a hard-core meat-lover or the evergreen vegetarian, they have an option for you. One of the most popular ways of consuming Punjabi food is the roadside dhabas found along the highways of Punjab. There’s a reason why they are popular and for those who have tried them, you know what we are talking about.

On that note, here are 10 Punjabi dishes you just have to try. And we have added the recipes for you to try them. Let us know in the comments how they were!

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

Prepared with yoghurt and spices, tandoori chicken is any meat-lovers dream come true. Succulent chicken marinated in spices, try out the recipe in the comfort of your home.

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani

When you think about dal, it’s either got to be dal thadka or dal makhani and it’s always been close competition between the two.  But from 5-star restaraunts to local dhabas, dal makhani is one of the most sought after dishes. And it’s probably because it’s so yummy.

Paneer Tikka


You can never go wrong with Paneer Tikka, especially if you have a couple of unexpected guests at home and you don’t know their meat preferences.

Chole Bhature

chola bhatura

A true Punjabi vegetarian delight, if there ever was one. It’s a must-try, if we may say so ourselves.

Sarson Ka Saag Aur Makki Ki Roti

sarson ka saag

The traditional dish for the Punjabi festival of Lohri. It takes a bit of time to make, but we guarantee a meal of a lifetime.

Machli Amritsari

machli amritsari

Fish lovers, this one is for you. Simple and easy, it’s beautiful pieces of fish marinated in a spiced batter and deep fried to perfection. You get the point, don’t you?

Butter Chicken

Creamy Chicken Gravy

You can’t have a list of Punjabi dishes without Butter Chicken being on the list. Tender chicken pieces in a creamy gravy that is bursting with flavours. One bite and you’re going to be hooked.

Dhaba Dal

Dhaba Dal!

Traditionally served at the popular local dhabas, it’s so distinct we had to find the recipe for you.

Murgh Malaiwala

murgh malaiwala

Juicy chicken pieces cooked in a mix of spices, milk and cream. It’s the perfect Punjabi delicacy.

Gur Ki Roti

gur ki roti

It’s no surprise that you have to have a Punjabi dish with jaggery in it. Jaggery is an integral part of Punjabi dishes and their festivals. These are sweet-rotis to be had with ghee, or any of the curries in the list!