10 Places For Biriyani In Chennai That I Can’t Get Enough Of

Biriyani, a dish loved by all across the nation and savoured by those all over the world, is a hearty preparation of rice mixed with a delightful range of spices and enjoyed with vegetables and meat that flavours the preparation even more. Biriyani is made in many varieties and also differs in style of cooking in many states in India. But no matter what style we’re having, we can always agree that biriyani is awesome and that’s that. This “one pot” style rice preparation makes a complete meal and is perfect for when the lunchtime cravings kick in. Chennai gives us plenty of options to satisfy a biriyani craving and we’re extremely thankful for that. And for all the ones out there looking for the ultimate biriyani fix, here are some awesome options for you!


1. Kolapasi Takeaway

Kolapasi – biriyani that you will fall head over heels for. From the service, the friendliness of the staff, the little notes they send with their meal, the prompt delivery, the fresh and deliciously cooked biriyani, and their meat dishes – everything is absolutely perfect. They love making their customers feel special and if you love great service, that along with the food will have you going back for more!


2. Dindigul Thalappakatti

A popular favourite for many, this biriyani joint always has people coming in for their delicious and unique biriyani at any time of the day! You can definitely count on fast service here. Their menu boasts of a large variety of sides that you can choose from and they go perfectly well with the biriyani. If you like a little twist to your biriyani, try the Chicken 65 biriyani. You’ll love it!


3. Rahhams Families International

Located in Anna Nagar, this restaurant is popular for its lip-smacking biriyani and grills. If you don’t believe just how awesome they are, feel free to drive by on a weekend and witness the line waiting to get in just for some of that awesome biriyani. Remember to make a reservation before you visit. If you haven’t, then remember it’s truly worth the wait.


4. Copper Chimney

copper chimney
The biriyani at Copper Chimney is so good that it will leave you addicted to it’s flavour and once you start, you can’t stop. Even if it means you’re full and could almost explode. The delicious Dum biriyanis served in clay pots will make you swoon and the softness of the meat, be it mutton or chicken, will have you savouring every single bite.


5. Sigree

Sigree gives us a unique biriyani flavour like no other that we absolutely enjoy! The artistic blend of spices and beautiful aroma is something that never goes unnoticed when it comes to their biriyani. What’s more, the raita that comes with the biriyani has its own unique taste too! It blends so well with the biriyani like a match made in heaven.


6. AlMaza

This restaurant has been dishing out some great biriyani, it can’t be missed. Soft and flavourful meat make this biriyani experience worth having! When you see what’s on their menu, you’ll wish you could try it all. So take a bunch of friends with you when you visit and get ready to indulge in it all!


7. Ente Keralam

ente keralam
Malabar Prawn Biriyani – the first thing that comes to mind thinking of Ente Keralam. What’s so amazing about it? You’ll have to try it and see for yourself. A calm ambiance and warm service is also one of the things that makes this place so special.


8. Bombay Brasserie

bombay brasserie
The delicious biriyani served at Bombay Brasserie is one of the many reasons why you’d see tons of people flocking over on weekends and sometimes weekdays, too! This popular restaurant known for it’s North Indian food also serves amazing biriyani and is definitely worth the visit!


9. Moti Mahal Delux

moti mahal
Yes, Moti Mahal is famous for it’s lip-smacking butter chicken. But did you know they’ve got amazing biriyani too? If not, all we’ve got to say is, try it. We can guarantee you’ll be visiting them again for another helping!


10. Zaitoon

Simple yet delicious, biriyani in Zaitoon is always enjoyed no matter when. It has a lighter feeling to it compared to other biriyani varieties making this one a perfect choice for a light but quick lunch, or even dinner too!