10 Places in Bangalore for the perfect cup of Hot Chocolate

Few beverages can have us hooked and licking our lips quite like hot chocolate. It’s a drink that reminds us of warmth and comfort and everything that’s nice in the world. What is it about a hot mug of chocolate that in the depths of doom that brings a smile? More so than eating a bar of chocolate?

Well, for one, it’s hot and truly warms you up. Plus, the luxurious taste and feel of drinking hot chocolate that then warms your whole body is exquisite! It is thick, silky and rich tasting!

Here we have rounded up for you 10 places in Bangalore for the perfect steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Cup O’ Joe

Yes, they are a coffee joint but they do serve some delicious hot chocolate.

Where: Koramanagala

Price: Rs. 75

San Churro Café

They have a range of Spanish hot chocolates that you need to try. Sneak in some churro if you have time.

Where: Banashankari

Price: Between Rs. 150 and Rs. 170

Dyu Art Café

Chocoholics, look no further.

Where: Koramangala

Price: Rs. 90

Matteo Coffea

Our favourite coffee shop serves hot chocolate, yes. Do try out everything else on their menu. We love everything.

Where: Church Street & Indiranagar

Price: Rs. 100

The Chocolate Room

They have every kind of hot chocolate under the sun. From hazelnut or mint hot chocolate to spiked rum or whiskey hot chocolate. Taste it to believe it.

Where: Brigade Road

Price: Rs. 99

Happy Belly Bakes

To complement their fantastic baked goodies they have some, yes, you guessed right, fantastic hot chocolate.

Where: Frazer Town

Price: Rs. 65


They have the best vegan hot chocolate in town. They even give you an option of vegan whipped cream on top. Enough said.

Where: Koramangala

Price: Rs. 195


Warm yourself up with some hot chocolate at this cool place to hang out.

Where: Koramangala

Price: Rs. 60

Caffe Pascucci

Apart from their delectable Italian food and wide range of coffees, they also have some great varieties of hot chocolate or should we say “Pas-Ciock”

Where: Jayanagar and JP Nagar

Price: Rs. 155 to Rs. 165


Their ice creams are all everyone is talking about. But their hot chocolate is pretty good on a day when you’re just not feeling ice-cream-y.

Where: Indiranagar

Price: Rs 90 for 100 ml