10 Photographs of Macaroons In Honour Of National Macaroon Day That Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

I take thee, macaroon

Don’t you think macarons are some of the prettiest foods around? They come in a rainbow of hues and are so small and dainty that they would make even the most voracious eater nibble on them gracefully. It seems fit then that these beautiful pastries would be honoured with a special day all for themselves. Incidentally, that day is today! Happy national macaron day, fellow food lovers! In honour of macarons, we’ve rounded up some beautiful photos that will have you running toward your kitchen to replicate them. Or, if that attempt is as disastrous as our first few attempts were, allow these photos to motivate you to throw on some clothes and rush to the nearest pastry store. 


This box of macaroons would be a visually appealing gift that any sweet tooth would love to receive.


Putting an engagement ring on these pale pink macaroons would be the best way to propose, don’t you think? 

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Because of their visual appeal, macaroons have got the stamp of approval from the fashion conscious – this photo was uploaded on Elle magazine’s Instagram account and shows fashion’s love for macaroons. 


This photo once again points to the close relationship between fashion and macaroons. It was taken to promote limited editions of macaroons that were inspired by the Spring/Summer 2013 catwalk looks in London. Like the designs, this photo epitomises elegance and class. 


These chocolate macaroons make for such a beautiful picture that we have tears in our eyes. Because that’s more elegant than saying we have drool in our mouths.


These happy little troopers were photographed by Keith Oikwa for StayandCo.


Like a perfect macaroon, this photograph is bursting with understated, quiet elegance.


These delicious looking pumpkin macaroons were made by chef Francois Paynard for Thanksgiving. Don’t worry though, we give you permission to try your hand at them before Thanksgiving rolls around this year.


Taken by lauded food photographer Francesco Tonelli, this photo sings of grace, with a hint of mischief. 


Wouldn’t a couple of these pistachio macaroons make for the perfect high tea?