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10 Ogle-friendly Oreo Pictures that are Oreo-tastic


We love Oreo.

Simple, plain, easy Oreo with crunchy chocolate on the outside and smooth vanilla creme on the inside has had us nom-nom-ing for years. But throw it in a couple of desserts and it’s Christmas already. 

So here’s our pick on some Ore-licious Oreo desserts to ogle at. 

1. Bite Me with all you got- Oreo Cheesecake Bites 

image oreo.1

2. Brownie, peanut butter and Oreo at it again – Peanut Butter Brownie Oreo Cupcakes

image oreo.2

3. Three Oreos’ and a Baby-  Tiny Oreo Cream Cups

image oreo.3

4. Ice Cream Oreo Dream- Oreo Ice Cream Cake 

image oreo.4

5. Oreo Picking Truffles in Heaven- Oreo Truffles

image oreo.5

6. Short-oreo’ed with cream- Oreo Pick me ups’

image oreo.6

7. Oreo Meets Awesome-er- The Super Oreo Overload Cake

image oreo.7

8. Garfield’s Tribute to Oreo- Oreo Lasagna

image oreo.8

9. What the Fudge!- Oreo Fudge 

image oreo.9

10. Brownie at third base with Oreo- Brownie Based Oreo Cheesecake

image oreo.10