10 Of The World’s Best Food Blogs According To The Saveur Blog Awards

Earlier this year, Saveur, a magnificent digital magazine that explores food, drink and lifestyle announced its winners for its sixth annual Saveur Blog Awards. In this, they sift through a multitude (this year they received over 55,000 entries) of blogs, judging them on design, content, photographs and other factors to choose winner for each category of the competition. Here’s are the Editors’ Choice winners for the year; blogs you should be following if you live for the love of food.

Blog Of The Year – My Name Is Yeh 


Molly draws upon inspiration from her Jewish and Chinese heritage, as well as her life in a North Dakota farm and documents her food experiences and experiments on her wildly popular blog. In her own words “I recently moved from Brooklyn to a farm on the north dakota-minnesota border, where my husband is a fifth-generation farmer. The farm life is pretty swell: I get to make big tasty farm lunches, hang out with my little flock of chickens, and pickle everything without getting labeled a hipster. (Although I’m sorta hipster anyway…)

Best Baking & Desserts- Apt 2B Baking Co. 


Yossy Arefi is a Brooklyn based baker, photographer and food stylist who decided to channel her love for baking and her photography skills into curating a blog that is chock filled with gorgeous picture and easy to follow recipes.

Best Beer Coverage – Pints and Panels 


The curator of this blog uses her extensive skills in cartooning to transform her review of various beers and beer bars into adorable graphic cartoon panels.

Best Wine Coverage – Wine. All The Time 


Marissa Ross writes about everything to do with wine from reviews to musings. She is the creator of ‘The Ross Test’, which she claims is “ the most important advancement in the art of wine tasting in the last million years.” The test requires you to chug wine straight from the bottle in order to judge it.

Best Spirits or Cocktail coverage – Two For The Bar


The story behind Two For The Bar is beautifully explained by the website’s creator, Talia Kleinplatz who says “Founded in 2013, Two For The Bar is a space dedicated to illustrating the magic of shared experience that can occur in the presence of a great cocktail and a talented bartender. These stories and recipes are meant to highlight what I have come to love about craft cocktail culture and perhaps even inspire readers to go and experience it for themselves. It presents the cocktail as the avenue through which great stories are exchanged, our best jokes are told and our fondest memories are relived. It’s the means to a more connected end.”

Best Writing – Orangette 


Read carefully crafted, detailed food adventures on this blog, written by Molly Wizenberg who has authored ‘A Homeade Life’ and ‘Delancey’.

Best Culinary Travel Blog – The Funnelogy Channel


Through their travels across the world, Nicolas and Gabriella try to better understand the world, and its stories by devouring everything in sight. While Gabriella cooks and writes, Nicolas photographs and taste tests.

Best-Designed – Vanelija 


Go through the beautifully constructed Vanelja to read and try to recreate delicious recipes. As the blog says “It’s about pure pleasure.”

Best Photography – Renee Kemps


Wander through the gorgeous photographs of her culinary creations on Renee Kemps’ website for the ultimate food porn experience.

Best Use of Video – Food Curated


To share her passion for food with the world, Liza Mosquito, puts together short documentaries of tales about food form its origins to creators to facilitators.