10 Of My Favourite Videos From Food-Tuber Laura Vitale

Laura Vitale is an internet sensation for all foodies and people who love to spend their time cooking. She is one of the best YouTube stars with her popular cooking show “Laura In The Kitchen”. She developed her love for cooking from her Italian grandmother and features many Italian dishes as well as popular american dishes and delectable desserts. Her YouTube channel has hundreds of episodes, each featuring unique desserts, and is like a well made food library that you can browse through. Laura Vitale is a self-taught home-cook with a passion for food and her cooking show is definitely one of the best.

We love Laura for her passion and her innovative style of cooking. Her personality is also something that we totally enjoy and we’re really glad she shares her passion with us. Here are 10 of our favourite videos by Laura Vitale from her hit show “Laura In The Kitchen”. Enjoy!


1. Bruschetta with Tomato & Basil Recipe

This is Laura’s first video ever. She currently has over 800 videos and it’s so great to see how far she’s come. Watch her make a delicious bruschetta with ease and try making one for yourself too.


2. Honey Mustard Salmon Recipe

A recent favourite, this video is a recipe for an awesome, delicous roasted Salmon fillet. Salmon fillets are seared and coated with a grainy mustard mixture that tastes like a dream!


3. Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipe

On this episode, Laura indulges in one of her favourite sandwiches, the Monte Cristo. She describes it as a “turkey and cheese meets french toast, equals amazing-ness” kind of a sandwich and that is definately something that you will have to try!


4. Hasselback Potatoes Recipe

Laura shares her awesome recipe for hasselback potatoes that are really, really pretty to look at. This makes a great dish for a dinner party or when you have the full family at the table for dinner. Try it!


5. Indian Inspired Butter Chicken Recipe

We love this recipe where Laura goes Indian and makes her own version of one of India’s favourite dishes, butter chicken. It is extremely delicious and is definitely a must try if you’re in the mood for an amazing creamy and delicous butter chicken!


6. BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe

In this video, Laura shows you how to make a drool-worthy BBQ pulled pork recipe. It takes a handful of ingredients and is lovely to make and share with friends and family over a cold, rainy day.


7. BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

We love making our own pizza, and we’re so grateful to Laura for sharing with us her awesome recipe for a BBQ chicken pizza. This recipe is something that we’ve made countless number of times and we can never get enough of it!


8. Homemade Chewy Brownies Recipe

Love brownies? We do! On this episode, Laura shares with us her delicious recipe for chocolaty chewy brownies. They’re super chewy and so delightful, so bake away and enjoy!


9. Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Finding the right recipe for Red Velvet is hard but this one is absolutely perfect! Laura’s recipe for a stunning Red Velvet cake is something you have to try.


10. Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

Coconut lovers, rejoice! If you love, love, love coconuts like we do, you will totally enjoy this delicious recipe for coconut ice cream that will make you feel like you’re on a dreamy vacation. Go ahead and try it!