10 Noodle Recipes To Make And Relish On Noodle Day

10 Noodle Recipes To Make And Relish On Noodle Day

Be it ramen or a piping hot bowl of Maggi, noodles is mostly everyone’s favourite. We believe that spicier the better, do you agree? Well, we’ve got you some awesome noodles recipes and you can pick and make one based on your preference for today is Noodle Day and we’re not leaving home till we chow down on a bowlful of them.

Chinese Noodles Recipe

Delicious noodles which are popular world over and the takeout one have their own versions of it. Here’s the one that you’re sure to love.

Thai Curry Noodles Recipe

Love those luscious Thai flavours? Incorporate them into noodles and bring the magic in a bowl.

Schezwan Noodles Recipe

Inspired by the scene in Dear Zindagi when Alia slurps down a spicy roadside schezwan noodles. Pure spicy bliss!

Laksa Noodles Recipe

Once you’ve tasted these heavenly, flavourful laksa noodles, believe us, you’d want to make it again and again.

One Pot Spicy Thai Noodles Recipe

Quick and easy recipe that you can make when you’re running late for work or simply can’t contain your hunger. Oh, and it’s super delish too!

Singapore Rice Noodles Recipe

Filled with veggies and just the right amount of spices, these rice noodles are a tad healthier than the regular hakka version.

Honey Noodles with Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

For those of you who don’t like the spicy, wok tossed noodles here’s a lovely way to celebrate noodle day!

Spicy Chili Maggi Recipe

Because this list is incomplete without the childhood favourite!

Tofu Noodles Recipe

Fiery, delicious and hearty, this noodle recipe can double as a complete meal.

Fishball Noodles Dry Recipe

Try this unique recipe to create a dish that is absolutely lip smacking.

Noodles Pakora Recipe

Here’s a bonus recipe for all those yummy leftover noodles. Toss them in a wok again or make crunchy pakoras out of them, noodles always taste great!


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