10 Nightclubs in Mumbai For All The Drinking, Dancing and Eating You Desire

Imagine this conundrum. It’s the weekend and you have two options for the night; go drinking and then dancing, or go to a really lovely restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal. The problem is that if you go drinking and dancing you may not remember to line your stomach with food, which will result in a nasty hangover the next day. And, if you go for a lavish meal, you’ll feel so stuffed that you’ll barely be able to waddle your way home. So, this weekend we suggest you make a beeline for these clubs in Mumbai that serve some awesome food. You really can have it all!

1) Tote on the Turf 

Where: Mahalaxmi 


Enjoy the rare feeling of being surrounded by greenery as you munch on Tote on the Turf’s delicious Indian fare. Then, dance the night away on their lavish marble floors. 

2) Shiro 

Where: Worli 


Channel your inner Zen at Shiro, which is a restaurant by day and a club by night. Down their signature cocktails and stuff yourself with their array of dumplings before you start dancing beside their massive Buddha-esque statues. 

3) Bombay Bronx 

Where: Breach Candy


You may have to battle for space to stand at Bombay Bronx on any given night, but believe you us, it’s totally worth it. Like their décor, the Bombay Bronx menu is a quirky mix of Indian dishes such as the WTF kheema pav and the Bombay Dhaba. 

4) BlueFrog

Where: Lower Parel  


Every night, BlueFrog is guaranteed to have a few people on the dance floor jiving to a live band. Their lounge like ambience and fusion menu guarantee that you will have a good night. 

5) F Lounge 

Where: Lower Parel 


F Lounge has an outdoor terrace that will allow you to stay cool in Mumbai’s night air as you dance. They have a large range of choices on their food menu from soups and starters to desserts

6) Colaba Social 

Where: Colaba 


Like Bombay Bronx, you may find yourself jostling for elbow room at the Social. It’s become a fast favourite with Mumbai’s party crowd and has a quirky menu with bar nibbles as well as fully fledged meals; try the Thai thali

7) Alibii 


Alibii is one of the hottest night clubs in town. But, what many don’t know is that along with their delicious drinks, they have a food menu that can be best described as ‘gourmet’ with items like lobster tacos on offer. 

8) Tonic 

where: Mahalaxmi


Every weekend, Tonic sets itself apart by having insane offers on drinks; what other night club can you get drinks at Rs.99? Try their house fries and Lord of the Rings starters; you will not be disappointed. 

9) The Ghetto 

Where: Breach Candy 


If you’re fed up of being trampled on by a crowd of seventeen year olds then head to Ghetto. It’s clientele is mostly corporate crowd in their mid-twenties, looking to let their hair down. With its unique neon lighting and extensive menu with pizzas, pastas and sizzlers it’ll be a fun, yet mature night out. 

10) Cheval 

Where: Fort 


Cheval has a café, a restaurant and a nightclub; all you could want in one night out. Start at the restaurant and have some of their extraordinary European fare, move on to the club to dance on tables and down shots and end your night at the café with some much needed cups of coffee.