10 Names of Food that you have been pronouncing wrong your whole life

Get them Right

Have you ever been in a position where you’re surrounded by people who were seem like they were born speaking French, or at least those French R’s which roll out of their tongue like sweet melody? Come on, have you always pronounced Gucci as Goo-chi and not Guc-ki? If you have, you’re not the only one. We can not-so-proudly admit that we have been there a few times, but we are just a bit wiser now and say Goo-chi. 

Just so you, our fabulous readers, are never in that position, we have rounded us some food names you’ve probably been pronouncing wrong. 

1. Chardonnay 


What you might be saying: char-doh-ney 

What it is: shar-doh-nay 

2. Fajita


What you might be saying: Fuh-jee-tah

What it is: Fuh-hee-tah

3. Croissant


What you might be saying: Croi-saant

What it is: krwa-san

4. Zucchini


What you might be saying: Zoo-chi-nee

What it is: Zoo-kee-nee

5. Fondant


What you might be saying: Fon-daa-aant

What it is: Phone-dent

6. Jalapeños

What you might be saying: Ja-la-penos

What it is:  hala-pey-nyos

7. Quinoa

What you might be saying: Queen-noah

What it is: keen-wah

8. Espresso

What you might be saying: X-presso

What it is: ess-press-oh

9. Ferrero Rocher

What you might be saying:  Ferrero-ro-shar

What it is:  Furrero-ro-shey

10. Bruschetta

What you might be saying:  broo-sch-etta

What it is: broo-sket-tuh


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