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10 Mexican Recipes To Kick Start 2017


Food is a brilliant and hearty way to start off just about anything. Whether it is a party, your day, the weekend, or a whole new year! And what better than a bunch of zest Mexican dishes to spice up the first weekend of the year? Which is why we suggest you jazz up your 2017 celebrations with these 10 delicious Mexican recipes. Sink your hooks into some cheesy, spice laden, and rich bakes, beverages, and desserts for a wholesome New Year ahead.


  1. Mexican Fiesta Fish

feature image mex fiesta fish

Or you can dig into this Mexican baked fish instead!


  1. Cobb Salad



  1. Lasagna with Pulled Chicken

Mexican Lasagna with Pulled Chicken Recipe


  1. Mexican Fried Rice


  1. Burrito



  1. Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog

Featured image hot dog bun bacon


  1. Mexican Pasta

one pot pasta recipe featured image


  1. Caramel Coffee

feature image mex caramel coffee


  1. Spiced Hot Chocolate



  1. Mexican Fried Ice Cream

feature image mex fried ice cream

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