10 Lip-Smacking Italian Recipes To Try Out For Dinner Tonight

Are you suffering from the mid-week blues? Allow the Italians to snap you out of it; we’ve put together a list of Italian recipes that are guaranteed to cheer you up.

Chicken Lasagna in White Sauce


A white sauce lasagna is that decadent, creamy treat that you didn’t know you were looking for!

Vegetable Lasagna


Vegetarians, don’t feel left out; this cheese infused veggie lasagna is just as delicious!

Avocado Pasta


This one’s for all you vegans; just because you’ve given up meat and dairy doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying creamy pasta!

Pesto Pasta


Make a magical pesto, mix it into a pasta and you have a winner of a meal!

Butternut Squash Pasta


Ever tried butternut squash in a pasta? What are you waiting for?

Turkey Sausage Pasta


Craving a meat feast? Try this decadently creamy pasta recipe, infused with fat chunks of sausages.

Whole Wheat Veg Pizza


Put on your healthy veggie hat and kiss this delicious pizza hello.

Chicken Ranch Pizza


Enjoy a golden pizza with ranch goodness. Oh, there’s chicken on it too!

Seafood Pizza


Don’t think seafood belongs on top of a pizza? Try this recipe and decide.

Italian Love Cake


Round off your meal with this moist, chocolaty cake. You’re welcome.