10 Legendary Restaurants in Bangalore That You Need To Visit At Least Once in your Lifetime

Mavalli Tiffin Room

Mavalli Tiffan Room_compressed

Mavalli Tiffin Room on Lal Bhag Main Road just cannot be missed! It is one of the oldest restaurants in Bangalore that resonates the intrinsic culture, let me not list its menu, it has most of what a South Indians would relish, so that speaks more for its cuisine than the menu will. They still hold on to that tradition and serve coffee and tea in silver tumblers! A glass to sip from and a small cup below to hold in the spills.

Koshy’s Restaurant

Koshy's club sandwich_compressed

Koshy’s Restaurant on St, Marks Road, has been tested by time and tried by most people in Bangalore. Bangaloreans just return to its comfort in the most centrally situated place. The sugar bowls too have been carried through the years, it is so comforting for most to return to Koshy’s and gorge on the Club Sandwich and the lovely onion rings they have to offer.

Vidyarthi Bhavan

Vidyarthi Bhavan vada-sambhar_compressed

Vidyarthi Bhavan in Basavangudi in Gandhi Bazaar will literally take you back in time. The eatery is warm with wooded chairs and benches. Service is polite and it seems like you popped into a time machine and was swept back into Bangalore in those times when life was still leisure! The soaked Vada in Sambar! The aroma lingers!

Hotel Airlines

Hotel Airlines poori Palya_compressed

Hotel Airlines on St, Marks Road, sits pretty amidst large verdant trees. Parked cars get service, with a garden seating area, where you can just while away moments that stand by you, and then take a walk down memory or just much into a Doas or their Poori and Palya; is your choice but the coffee is a not to miss. 

Samrat in Chalukya Hotel


Samrat in Chalukya Hotel on Race Course Road is another place where you can yet expect car service. The Thali meals are just great! Situated in the CBD, you will find all kinds of people arriving there. You will find advocates, because it is close to the High Court of Karnataka. The neglected husbands, who need to get that meal! The commuters, who have to go over to the South End of Bangalore, will grab refreshments here. 

India Coffee House


India Coffee House, a place you will find most scribes, buzzing in their stories there! It recently shifted its venue from MG Road to Church Street, all else remains the same. The cups and saucers as well as the menu! Their omelette sandwich is simple, ordinary and delicious! Of course coffee the nomenclature didn’t come for nothing!

Gangotri Sweets and Chaats

Gangotri pani puri_compressed

Gangotri Sweets and Chaats in Highpoint, is a place most of Bangalore return to, especially if one grew up here. The Puchkas with the cold Paani is the best one can ever get. They will give you a dry Sukha Puchkas as a finale to the serving; the little touches that keep people returning.

Blue Bell Sweets

Blue bell Kaju_katli_sweet_compressed

Blue Bell Sweets is really a sweet dispensing shop, but people have made it a habit of just buying some sweets and eating it there. They are very customer friendly and hence they remain prepared! They quickly give you the paper napkins that you might need! Their Baadam and Cashew nut Katli is very popular. Diwali sweets for distribution, is purchased here!

Bhagatram Sweets


Bhagatram Sweets started off as a just sweet-meat shop and has now to its menu all Chaat item as well as Parathas. The Gulab Jamoon is famed. By the Kilos the sweet is sent to even the US for relative who are yearning for home, the sweet smells of Bangalore, the Gulmohars and Gulab Jamoons!



Woody’s too is on commercial street has from time immemorial been a favourite among Bangaloreans. Woody’s offer South Canara food as well as pastas to keep up with the changing tastes. Yet the place finds its customers returning for that traditional food especially after a lot of shopping.