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10 Japanese Street Foods That You Should Know About


Japan hasn’t always been famous for its street food but the last couple of years has seen a growing rise in the trend with Tokya and Osaka being the epicenters for the phenomenon. Osaka in particular has been home to the famous okonomiyaki pancake

Now, Japan sees the bulk of its street food during festivals that are held throughout the country and with about 100,000 festivals taking place annually, that is a lot of street food. Some popular street foods might be recognizable from your favourite Japanese restaurant. For instance, yakitori, ramen and yakisoba. But you will probably notice a significant difference in taste from their street food counterpart.

Other more interesting and unusual dishes which you might not have seen on a menu include; Taikayi, fun fish shaped sweet treats, or takoyaki, fried dough balls with lobster.

So if you plan to head to Japan for one of their festivals or just a holiday, this infographic from House of Genjii gives you the inside scoop on the best of street food in the land of the rising sun.