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10 Interesting Beer Facts


The world’s favourite alcoholic beverage Beer is everyone’s best mate. Beer, unlike some friends, will never stand you up! Often the first alcoholic beverage a person drinks in their life and most times the preferred one over ‘fancy’ drinks such as w(h)ine and champagne. But are you aware of these beer facts?

1. Beer is old

Mug of beer close up on wooden table

Beer is one of the oldest prepared beverages in the history of mankind. It is dated back to approximately 9500 B.C.E.

2. Beer Tsunami


In 1814 the streets of London were flooded with beer when a beer tank containing 3500 barrels was ruptured. 

3. Egyptian Pyramid workers



When the pyramids were being built the workers were paid with beer. A similar policy was used in Amsterdam. Local alcoholics were paid in beer along with food and a few euros to clean the streets as part of a government funded project. Seems like payments in beer gets you results.

4. Strongest Beer


The World’s strongest beer, Snake Venom, has 67.5% alcohol content. Normally beers have around 5% alcohol content. Burning stomach, anyone?

5. Light is Bad


Did you know, light is what makes beer go bad. Never store your beer on sideways because the oxidisation of the cap will make you beer taste off. Even though this happens over a period of time why would you want to make your beer taste off for any reason at all?

6. Marijuana is Beer’s Cousin


Hops, the flavouring agent is beer, are a member of the Cannabaceae family which includes Cannabis sativa, the marijuana plant.  

7. Beer > Water


In the middle ages, people drank beer instead of water because the alcohol in beer made it safer to drink than water. In Russia, beer was considered an alcoholic beverage after 2013. In fact, in Belgium, alcohol was served in school refectories. For a period in time we preferred alcohol over water, now we chant slogans of “Drink beer, Save water”.

8. Cenosillicaphobia fear of an empty glass


The fear of an empty glass. Looks like some people have an undeniable reason to hold on to two mugs of beer at the same time. What’s your reason?

9. Banana Beer


In Africa, there is a beer that’s brewed from Bananas. That’s right, beer made from the fermentation of mashed bananas. It’s definitely intriguing but would you try one? I know I would!

10. One Drink an hour


Our bodies are capable of metabolising one alcoholic drink every hour. So the faster you drink the faster you get drunk. A drink every hour will have you come across as someone with amazing capacity to hold your drink! Which would you rather be now?