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10 Indian Chefs on Instagram that you just have to follow


With the growth of social media, the world has shrunk. We are connected to each other, follow each other’s lives on-the-go and we get to see the world at the touch of a button in the comfort of our own home. 

Well, when it comes to us foodies, it extends a bit more than just the world. We get to see the unique and fantastic creations of our favourite chefs right on our little smartphone, all thanks to Instagram. These 10 Indian Chefs are some of India’s most renowned. Follow their Instagram account to know what inspires them to create food that is both delicious and a treat to the eyes! 

1. Manu Chandra @manuchandra

Chef At: Olive Beach, Monkey Bar, The Fatty Bao

2.  Vineet Bhatia @chefvineet

Chef At: Rasoi by Vineet, Ziya

3. Thomas Zacharias @cheftzac

Chef At: The Bombay Canteen


4. Saransh Goila @saranshgoila

Chef At: Roti, Raasta aur India


5. Irfan Pabaney @irfanpabaney

Chef At: The Sassy Spoon


6. Pooja Dhingra @poojadhingra

Chef At: Le 15 Patisserrie


7.  Gaggan Anand @Gaggan

Chef At: Gaggan


8. Kunal Kapur @chefkunal

Chef At: The Leela

9.  Ranveer Brar @chefbrar

Chef At: Novotel Mumbai


10. Atul Kochhar @chefatulkochhar

Chef At: Benaras