10 Hot Drinks To Keep You Warm This Winter

It’s time the mercury started dipping and the radiators started soaring. This winter be smart and don’t just rely on the comforter for warmth. Move your thawed bum off of the couch and whirl up these wintery drinks in you kitchen to keep you warm. A little bit of coco, a dash of bourbon and a dollop of cream, these 10 recipes will get you through the winter without as much as a cold.


  1. Nutella Eggnog Hot Chocolate

A rich chocolaty drink to warm you up.


  1. White Hot Chocolate

Creamy white hot chocolate with dollops of whipped cream to make for the perfect drink this winter.



  1. Hot Toddy

Your go-to drink for a light boozy end to a long hard winter day.


  1. Vanilla Chai Latte

Probably the yummiest way to kick start your frozen mornings this winter.


  1. Hot Spiced Wine

Some wine is all you need to chase away the chills.



  1. Hot Chili Chocolate

Classic hot chocolate with a hint of winter spices.



  1. Hot Vanilla Milk

A mug of vanilla milk, your old fuzzy PJs and a book is all you need on a foggy afternoon.



  1. Hot Buttered Rum

A sweet buttery drink to warm you up and give a happy buzz.


  1. Kahlua Hot Chocolate

More booze, more milk and more coco to up your body heat.


  1. Apple Cider

The one, the only, the classic apple cider!