10 Heartening Food Healers after a Break-Up



There is a reason why nature has a bounty before us. It has before us the lush fruits, the grains and the various other added treats like honey, maple syrup, coffee beans chocolate beans and others. It just so happens we are hurting so we need to get a grip and why not go nature’s way?

Milkshake and a Book


Grab a milkshake any favourite of your choice and a book, a light romance or a comic digest, walk away to the nearest park and read. Milk is a soother. You couldn’t find a park…okay what about the terrace?

Treat yourself to a Salad

Salad -heart_compressed

Pull the car out nice and slow, head to the nearest spa, give yourself into the kneading away of all the old memories and skip into a nice salad bar. Take in the freshness life has to offer, there is always more than you think!

Engross Yourself with Cookies


It is a little hard to get busy when the feet feel trodden so get into the kitchen and make a snack! Or even bake your dog his favourite cookies and stroll with him for a while! You don’t have a dog then feed the neighbour’s, but ask them first!

Shop and Stop for a Meal

Buffet -heart_compressed

Shopping has a neat feel of power. No need to overdo it, but if it makes you happy then sure enough go ahead, it might give you the rev you need. Hop in for a good lunch that you don’t have to serve up, think things over, all the options of a buffet!

Pause For a Coffee

Coffee -heart_compressed

A coffee will always put in perspectives, okay you prefer tea, almond milk… we won’t stop you. Sweeten with honey it will calm your nerves! The beverage is your prerogative, drink it slowly and ponder over new horizons!

Walk Away the Blues Carry the Bottle

fruit juice -heart_compressed


There is nothing like taking a walk, thinking things over and getting over that residual anger that might linger. That bottle of energizing fruit juice will only confer that life can always be refreshed…just click the button!

Chat with a Friend Carry Some Sandwiches


You don’t want to put people through trouble so carry some sandwiches and pour your heart out, in case they are disinterested in your saga of pain, they will still let you jabber on while they enjoy the sandwich and yet lend an ear.

Remember that Someone with fruits


Healing happens when you heal others, so if you did have to catch up with an old aunt or uncle or a mentor, this is the time to do that, get the fruits and head there. They will know instantly you need solace…they always do! Take a bite of the banana it’s a healer

Make that call hold that chocolate

Chocolate -heart_compressed

There are innumerable calls to be returned but too busy, so now on the heal make the call re-connect and there is a world out there still wanting you. Chocolates will soothe down the entire lacuna and fill it with luxurious richness.       

Luxuriate With a Bath and Wine


Ponder over all that is worth living for. Remember the beautiful moments that left you breathless? Yes now sip on it and enjoy the years that made the liquid mature….a lesson in there!