10 Healthy Snacks you can whip up at home

Planning a Netflix marathon? Or is your favourite movie on TV? Whip up these healthy and super-easy snacks at home and make your TV experience an awesome one!
1. Spicy Chickpeas

Nobody doesn’t love good spicy beans. Drain the chickpeas on a kitchen towel. Chop onions and tomatoes. Heat oil in a pan and add your favourite spices and toss in the veggies along with the drained chickpeas. Stir them up and voila! You’ve made yourself an amazing healthy snack.
2. Party Popcorn

Watching a movie without popcorn is a crime. There’s no arguing about it. Now that you’ve decided to make popcorn, jazz it up a bit with your own twist. Sweet or savoury, go crazy with the combinations and share! You can make oreo-popcorn, hot-paprika popcorn, caramel popcorn and Cheese popcorn to start off with.
3. Chicken, Sweet potato and Apple salad.

It doesn’t get more summer than this. This snack is great when you have leftover sweet potatoes and cooked chicken. When you make a lunch or dinner recipe that calls for roasted sweet potatoes or chicken breast, make extra to use for this snack!
4. Apple and Tuna salad in Lettuce boats

Try this once, we bet you’ll keep asking for more.
5. Baked Sweet Potato Chips

This simple and healthy snack tastes as good as the fried one.
6. Berries and Basil on Cream Cheese Toast

This energy package is about 176 calories and is super-tasty! Healthy-much?
7. Assorted Nuts

A handful of assorted nuts can do wonders to your body. Snack on ‘em!
8. Stuffed dates

You can get creative with this snack. You can use coconut, cream cheese and nuts as filling!
9. Carrot and Hummus

This snack defines clean eating. The ingredients are readily available in your kitchen. Walk to your kitchen and get yourself a platter of this right now.
10. Tomato and Feta Cheese on Crispbread

If you’re feeling super lazy to cook a meal, this is the snack to binge on.