10 Healthy Recipes For A Healthy Lifestyle

10 Healthy Recipes For A Healthy Lifestyle

It’s World Health Day and its come along at a good time too since by now our stay healthy resolutions have gone to dust. It’s time to bring the healthy back and here are 10 healthy recipes for you to get you back on track. May the health be with you!

No Bake Gluten Free Health Bar

Make this quick and easy health bar and keep them with you on the go so there’s possibility of unhealthy snacking.

Healthy Sweet Spinach Smoothie Recipe

Begin your day with this protein packed drink instead of coffee that only causes a crash later. This smoothie will keep you fit and energetic.

Healthy Marshmallow Recipe

Whoever said a delicious treat like marshmallow can’t be healthy gets proven wrong with this recipe!

Healthy Salad Rolls

These lip-smacking Vietnamese Rolls are not only healthy but so delicious, you’d want to make them every other day.

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are healthy carbs and due to their versatility just like potatoes, can be easily used in a finger-licking dish.

Healthy Brown Onion Soup

Enjoy this delicious, easy to make soup made especially for those evening hunger pangs when you just can’t wait till dinner.

Healthy Tamale Pizza Recipe

For all those pizza lovers who can’t get enough of the delicious, cheesy delight but don’t want it to show on the belly either.

Healthy Mac and Cheese Recipe

Yup, Mac and Cheese can be made healthy too!

Healthy Strawberry Yogurt Recipe

Paranoid of the packaged flavoured yogurts? Make your own and plus, you can modify by using fresh mangoes instead of strawberries since they are in season.

Apple Cider Drink Recipe

Choosing to make yourself a drink? Make that healthy too!


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