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10 Healthy Foods That Are Actually Undercover Unhealthy Munches


With obesity and other health hazards taking the human race by storm, we are anything but careful about our choice of food. For most of us if it’s not healthy, it’s not going in our tummy. But what is healthy? Who defined the fine line between healthy and unhealthy? Everything comes with a clause. Even your healthy snacks. What might be going around as a refreshing and energizing is really just a bottle packed with sugar and dyes. Yes, we’re looking at you health drinks! Here are 10 such foods that have been masquerading as healthy.

Binge eater by day and binge watcher by night, Ankita is fluent in food, film, and Internet. When she’s not obsessing over the hottest trends, tacos, and the perfect author’s bio, you can find her under a pile of Jeffery Archer’s novels or looking for the nearest wine shop.