10 Gujarati Farsaan Recipes (In Hindi) To Pair With Your Monsoon Chai

The monsoon showers bring with them a blanket of pleasantness and a bounty of reasons to kick back and chill. Apart from the odd hours that we’re honking our way through the traffic, there really isn’t any part of the day where you can’t find the time to enjoy a hot cup of tea (or coffee). And what pairs best with this quintessential Indian elixir? Snacks, of course! So this monsoon, join us as we treat ourselves to some chai and Gujarati farsaan (snacks). Check out these recipes.


  1. Gujarati Samosa

These Gujju snacks are made with wheat instead of refined flour and the filling consists of raw potatoes, peas, cabbage, and sugar, instead of the classic spiced boiled potato filling. 


  1. Muthia

The dry snack is made with either steaming or deep-frying chickpea dough that is mildly spiced and mixed with fenugreek leaves (methi muthia) or gourd or lauki (dudhi muthia). 


  1. Handva

Handvo takes a substantial amount of time to prepare and cook, but you will find that the final result is worth the effort. 


  1. Khandvi

The Indian snack is fairly easy to find in markets if in the country but is not that difficult to prepare either. All you need is some curd, gram flour, and a couple sidekicks. 


  1. Khaman Dhokla

A fluffy baked sponge of gram flour tempered with a dash of sweet and a dollop of spice, this burst of flavours is perfect for snacking around the clock. 


  1. Gathiya

Essentially deep-fried strings of gram flour dough spiced with carom seeds, black pepper, and chili powder, gathiya is ideal for munching away during your midnight hunger pangs or simply with your daily dose of tea. 


  1. Khakhra

The rolled out flatbread is toasted over a slow flame and the final result is a crunchy snack that can be consumed immediately or over a period few days.


  1. Thepla

The snack is a soft roti-like bread but spicier and a tad thicker. It involves the inherent wheat flour but with added chili powder, turmeric fennel seeds and asafetida. 


  1. Aam Chunda

Made with cooked raw mangoes marinated with red chili powder and sugar, this sweet and spicy pickle goes deliciously well with just about every farsaan in your pantry. 


  1. Mango Shrikhand

End your teatime on a sweet note with some shrikhand. Spiked with the heavenly flavor of the summer fruit, the whipped yogurt preparation pleases the palate and lets us power through hot days. 


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