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10 Guinness Cocktails To Make For St Patrick’s Day


It’s St Paddy’s Day good people! And while most of us non-alcoholics are celebrating with a sugary dose of khus syrup, why don’t we fix the rest of you some yummy Guinness cocktails? Here are 10 recipes to help jazz up the Irish stout this March 17.


  1. Guinness Punch

Nutmeg, vanilla and condensed milk infused beer. This could be a breakfast drink!

  1. Guinness Parts Unknown

No no, we’re not unaware of the things that go into this cocktail, ‘Parts Unknown’ is what it is called.

  1. Baby Guinness

We’re absolutely against underage drinking. This drink owes its name to the glass that it comes in.

  1. Newly Minted

Some Guinness Extra Stout, Crème De Menthe and mint leaves make this the hoppiest refresher.

  1. Irish Honey

True to its name, this cocktail is fortifies with honey. What adds the special flavor is the heady chocolate liquor and fresh dark chocolate. Yum!

  1. Guinness St. Jame’s Flip

This may easily be the Irish part of the eggnog complete with condensed milk, eggs, rum and malty Guinness.

  1. Guinness Cream Soda

A St Paddy’s special, the Guinness Cream Soda is a concoction of ginger and vanilla liquor along with Vanilla vodka, vanilla extracts and some Guinness Draught.

  1. Guinness Black & Blonde

A hoppy combination of Guinness blonde American lager and Irish stout, this one’s the real ebony-ivory deal.

  1. Guinness Old Fashioned

The bitter-spiked Wilde Oscar with a kiss of the Irish stout.

  1. Guinness Bloody Mary

The original topped off with some Guinness stout for a malty finish.

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