10 GIFs To Satisfy Your Food OCD

Have you ever put cooed and OMG-ed over a perfectly cooked sunny side up or a flawlessly iced cake? Isn’t it just inexpressibly satisfying to see machines and assembly lines robotically put together things? If your eyes twinkled at the mere thought of the things mentioned above, then these 10 GIFs are going to blow you mind!


  1. M&M Mator!

This machine that segregated your M&Ms. That’s right, according to color!giphy (10)


  1. Satisfying Sandwich

Won’t you be a tad more satisfied the next time you bite into an ice cream sandwich?giphy (9)


  1. Invincible Icing

Perfection, thy name is icing machine!giphy (8)


  1. Taffy Twister

I could just keep staring at this loop and never get bored.giphy (11)


  1. Chocolate Cyclone

If only cyclones were this smooth. And chocolaty.giphy (16)


  1. Cream Charm

I will find this man and give him a million bucks to make me coffee!giphy (13)


  1. Butter Buddies

It’s fast, it’s clean, it’s Adrian Mon’s dream machine!giphy (14)


  1. Superb Spiral

That steady hand tho!giphy (15)


  1. Pasta Perfect

This machine that swirls out and cuts the perfect fusilli. Every time.giphy (12)


  1. Smothered S’mores

This one totally got us teary eyed!giphy (17)