10 Foods That Will Keep Hair Fall Woes Out of Your Head 

Hair fall. It’s not a pretty subject but it is something that many of us are plagued by. Advertisements everywhere promote special oils, serums and treatments that will reduce hair fall. Some people even look to grafting (yikes). But, we choose to look at food, which we firmly believe is the answer to most problems in the world. Incorporating these foods in your diet will drastically reduce hair fall. 

1) Eggs 


Eggs are loaded with elements that make for happy, healthy hair, such as protein, Omega 6 fatty acids, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Did all these names go over your head? Rest assured that eating eggs, which contain them will keep the hair on your head! 

2) Carrots 


We all know carrots are good for your eyes – that’s old news. But, they’re also good for your hair as they contain lots of Vitamin A, which will nourish your scalp! 

3) Dairy 


There’s a reason that milk was your mother’s favourite answer to all your ailments. Milk, being the super drink that it is, contains high amounts of calcium which strengthens hair. 

4) Spinach 


Here’s another super food that your mother was always filling you with. One of the main reasons behind hair fall is a lack of iron in your system, and spinach contains iron by the bundles. If you can’t stand the taste of spinach, sneak it into your diet using these hacks

5) Green Peas 


Another great source of iron can be found in a cup of green peas. They also have zinc and loads of vitamin B – good things come in small packages!

6) Oats


Oats contain all the nutrients that we’ve already mentioned and more. Have a bowl for breakfast and say hello to shiny, lustrous hair! 

7) Walnuts


Stuff your face with handfuls of walnuts; they contain biotin and vitamins to help strengthen hair, and will also protect your hair from sun damage!

8) Vitamin C rich fruits


Vitamin C enables our body to absorb iron better and, as we’ve already mentioned, iron is good. Some vitamin C rich fruits are oranges, limes, papaya, blueberries and kiwis.

9) Lentils 


Lentils are a great source of folic acid, which strengthen red blood cells which in turn strengthen the scalp by providing it with a rich source of oxygen. Try this moon dal khichdi recipe to make a meal out of dal! 

10) Chicken 


Hair is made up of protein, so it makes sense that you should eat lots of protein-rich foods to keep it strong. If you’re not a fan of chicken, try other white meats like turkey or duck.