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10 Foods to Eat On A Yoga Diet Before You Meditate Your Way To Nirvana


Are you planning to celebrate World Yoga Day on the 21st of June? If you are, then a yoga mat and some cute yoga pants aren’t the only essentials needed to become a yoga master. As with everything else, you need to make sure you’re eating the right foods before you attempt to contort your body into various positions. Munch on these before starting your stretches and nirvana will be closer than you think! 

1) Beetroots


Beetroots help blood vessels dilate, which increases their efficiency and therefore the oxygen supply to your muscles. Bend away! 

2) Almonds


Almonds are both light and contain energy boosting Vitamin E, magnesium and potassium which will increase your stamina levels. 

3) Apples


An apple a day will keep the doctor away and send nirvana your way! They contain antioxidants which improve endurance. 

4) Sweet Potatoes 


These have a high carbohydrate count which will give you the energy levels needed for a long work out. Try this sweet potato salad recipe

5) Pears


Pears are high on fibre, and will keep hunger pangs away during your exercises. 

6) Raisins 


Raisins are packed with natural sugar that will give you the energy boost to attempt that downward dog. 

7) Quinoa


Quinoa has been accepted by health conscious eaters worldwide as a super food. It’s packed with carbohydrates and magnesium, which helps with metabolism. Try this Mexican quinoa recipe

8) Greek yogurt


Plain Greek yogurt will give you an extra energy boost because of the lactose (which is a natural sugar) that it contains. 

9) Watermelon 


Gobble up a slice of watermelon pre workout and you’ll stay hydrated all through your various poses! 

10) Lentils 


Lentils are packed with iron, which improves athletic performance.