10 Food Trends To Look Forward To In 2016

The beginning of the last quarter of 2015 is nearing its end. Complicated as that might have sounded, it simply means that there are just about 70 days left for 2016 to make its grand entry.

The New Year brings about changes and not just on the chronology front but it drags along with it seasons, trends and new developments. Be it food, film, fashion or fiction, just about all the fields look forward to what will be trending in the coming months. Technomic and Forbes have been kind enough to pen down what you can expect on the food front in 2016. And here’s what will be the top food trends in the coming 366 days.


  1. The Sriracha Effect

A hot sauce from Thailand, Sriracha will make it big next year. Following suit will be other similar spicy ethnic notes from countries like India, Korea and Africa.sriracha-compass-752110_0


  1. Elevating Peasant Fare

Humble food items or in this case “peasant” staples, will see a continued hike in mention. The simple staples include sausage, ethnic dumplings and traditional breads.20140324-taiwaneats-porkbellybuns-finished


  1. Trash to Treasure

As a result of protein prices soaring high, menus will include a lot more dishes made of whole meats and entire plants. This is a direct indication towards more sustainable eating and a higher usage of vegetable stalk, rots and organ meats.wastedburger2


  1. Burned

Restaurant menus will be on fire in more ways than one. Smoked and charred preparations like smoky syrups, charred veggies and smoky ice are going to be a hot favorite (literally) in 2016.s577756660238025689_p1_i1_w640


  1. Bubbly

Fizzy and sparkly spirits will be trending at the bar. Drinks like champagne; sparkling teas and sodas are going to go down a lot more.champagne


  1. Negative on GMOs

Following the Chipotle fiasco and the great hullabaloo over GMO, this one doesn’t come as a surprise. ‘GMO free’ might just be the new food mantra among consumers.NO-GMO-CORN-MONSANTO


  1. Modernizing the Supply Chain

A huge breather for suppliers at the grass root level, the modernization will focus on local sourcing, humane treatment of animals, product safety and traceability.Farmer_of_Bangladesh


  1. Fast Food Refresh

Fast Food Menus will see a lot of re-organization and customizing options within the existing menu. A snippet of this has been visible with McD’s all-day breakfast menu and the introduction of alcohol in certain chains.calories-alcohol


  1. Year of the Worker

With a colossal 83% of consumers in support of a minimum wage hike, 2016 is going to see a bigger smile on the workers’ faces.retail-worker-g


  1. The Delivery Revolution

A long list of chains are all set to join the App club, making dining in a piece of cake and dining out next to superfluous. In addition to this, non-food companies will also pave their way into the food market.McDonalds Apple


So there you have it, the food market’s horoscope for 2016 in a nutshell. For a more detailed overview, check out this video by Techonomic.