10 Food Terms That Spelled Their Way To The Dictionary In 2015

With a hoard of new food mash-ups and hybrids hitting the market, foodies are seeing a huge list of food terms being added to their vocabulary. The online Oxford dictionary was quick to keep up with slangs like “cakehole” and “foodspo”. Not just that, the 2015 Scrabble Tournament and Club Word List included food words likes paczki (23 points), mojito (15 points) and yuzu (16 points).

Here are 10 words that were officially recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015.


  1. Beer O’ Clock, Wine O’ Clock (n.)

Someone’s personal denotation of the right time of day to start drinking a particular beverage.bottles-bar-alcohol-_569213-23


  1. Cat Café (n.)

Many residential buildings in Asia do not allow pets inside which gave birth to this concept. It is a high-end coffee bar whose main attraction is cats that can be watched and played with.cafe-of-cats


  1. Climatarian (n.)

This is a sustainable diet with a primary goal to reverse climate change. It includes eating locally produced food (to reduce energy spent in transportation), picking pork and poultry over beef and lamb (to limit gas emissions), and using each part of a fruit or vegetable (apple cores, cheese rinds, etc.) to limit food waste.wastedburger2


  1. Cookie Butter (n.)

A sweet spread of ground cookies mixed with butter, condensed milk and peanut butter, or any other lax ingredient.Edible-Chocolate-Chip-Cookie-Dough-Recipe


  1. Cuisinomane (n.)

The official Canadian French replacement for “foodie,” as affirmed by the Office québécois de la langue française. “Cuisinomane” follows the “balletomane” and “bibliomane,” form, meaning a person who is an obsessive fan of a certain art form.SweetPepperGrilledseafood172


  1. Foodspo (n.)

A descendant of ‘food porn’, foodspo is used mostly on Instagram to tag a beautiful or inspirational picture of food. Foodspo traces its origin to “inspo,” which is Internet shorthand for “inspiration.”StrawberryPie


  1. Hangry (adj.)

A mash up of ‘hungry’ and ‘angry’, hangry is the state of being so starved that you become angry or irritable. The feeling is not new to mankind but the terminology has gained popularity in the past few months.Featured image Hangry is proved by science


  1. Mayo (n.)

This word owes its popularity to Hampton Creek and the American Egg Board. 2015 was probably he first time an eminent lawyer engaged in a prolonged battle with the federal government over whether “mayo” is the same thing as “mayonnaise.” The dictionary obviously thinks it is. Read the full incident here.Hampton-Creek-Mayo


  1. Piecaken (n.)

A piecaken is the fastest way to scoff down three different kinds of pies and cakes. It is a layered dessert comprising of three 9” pies baked inside three 10” cakes, then stacked.Featured image pumpecapple


  1. Zarf (n.)

Usually known as a “cup sleeve” in modern times, this is the cardboard collar placed around a paper coffee cup to protect your hands from the heat. “Zarf”, on the other hand is an ancient Arabic word for an ornamental holder (for a coffee cup with no handle), which was recently reviewed and added to the American Dictionary.Featured image starbucks