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10 Food-tastic Jobs that will make you want to quit your Job right now.


You could earn money by being a professional fortune cookie writer. 

Yes, you heard that right. There is such a thing as a professional fortune cookie writer. Have you always loved food? Are you lost in the monotony and comfort of a corporate job? Are you looking to break free from your corporate shackles and plunge yourself in a food-some world? To be around food all the time, you don’t need to work in restaurant. The field of food is a vast one and there is a place for everyone.

Here are 10 food jobs that will make you wish you were unemployed right now.

Cheese Professional


Make a career out of loving cheese. What could be any better? Start by working in a cheese shop and earn your certification from American Cheese Society making you similar to a cheese sommelier. From then on you’re a cheesy hot shot for high-end restaurants and can even advise cheesemakers on best practices.



Combine your love for chemistry and food with this fairly new career option. They are also known as flavour chemists and spend hours mixing chemicals to find the perfect butterscotch. A few hours well spent right?

Food Photographer


The golden age of Food Photography is here, and you better not miss this train. Start your own food photography website, you will be surprised to know how many people’s hearts and stomachs you manage to reach. Take a photo, induce hunger and get paid. Dream job, anyone?

Food Stylist


Wonder how the food photographer manages to capture food that seems so perfectly arranged and elegantly placed?Well, food has food stylists. These artists do everything from sourcing to cooking and arranging food to give it that mouth-watering look. Magazines hire food stylists to work in tandem with food photographers to make sure every featured image will tug at our stomachs. Take Nir Adar for example. He’s the wizard of food. 

Menu Designer


As easy as it may sound, designing a menu is an art. Not only do the menus have to be pleasing and easy to read, there’s also a science behind it. The items that need to be pushed have to be at a certain spot, the most expensive dishes have to placed differently and some items do better in boxes. Have a knack for graphic design and psychology? This could be a career option for you.

Culinary Tour Guide


Food tourism is fast becoming the next travel trend and culinary tours are the most important part. You can’t have a culinary tour without a culinary tour guide, can you? Well that’s where you come in. If you love food and have extensive knowledge about food in your city, starting your own culinary tour would be a great idea. You can even become a culinary travel specialist for a company like Epitourean.

Flavour Guru


So if you are a flavour guru at Ben & Jerry’s headquarters in Vermont, then your job is to create new ice cream flavours. You might want to make hitting the gym part of your schedule if your life revolves around unlimited ice cream.

Recipe Tester


Be it a cookbook or a magazine, a recipe needs to be tested to ensure that the home cooks won’t end up getting exasperated. A culinary degree would be a prerequisite as you need to know what went wrong with the recipe (in case it went wrong)

Taste Tester


Before any food item hits the market, it needs to be thoroughly tested and graded. Foods are graded on criteria like texture, flavour and viscosity. You might have to have an adventurous streak along with a culinary degree for this one. Everything you taste might not be delicious.

Fortune Cookie Message Writer


It might not be a full-time (Wonton Foods, for example, the largest fortune cookie company in America, employs a team of freelance writers and requests new fortunes only every couple years), but it would be a great way to earn some extra cash if you have a little Confucius in you.