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10 Five Minute Sandwiches To Make This Week


We’ve all had those days when all we wanted to do was sit, lie on the couch, dive into bed, sleep, and repeat – the kind of days where cooking is certainly not on the agenda. So what do you do when you’re having a lazy day in but craving a quick snack? You fix yourself a sandwich. Still not feeling it? Well, how about a five minute sandwich? Yes, Sandwiches that literally take ONLY 5 minutes to make! Convinced? Here are a few recipes that you can try, then.


1. Tuna Sandwich

You’d think making a fancy tuna sandwich was hard, but with this simple recipe you can get it done in 5 minutes!


2. Breakfast Sandwich

Here’s a quick recipe for an awesome breakfast sandwich to start your day with.


3. Bodybuilding Breakfast Sandwich

Fitness freaks, you will love this sandwich with egg whites, salsa, and cheese.


4. Turkey and Cranberry Monte Cristo Sandwich

Got leftovers? Transform them in to a sandwich!


5. Barbecue Chicken Sandwich

You’ll never say no to this delicious and easy to make sandwich!


6. Italian Sandwich

Cheesy goodness – a true Italian sandwich in 5 minutes!


7. Hummus Lettuce Tomato Sandwich

Here’s a healthy take on the BLT with hummus!


8. Simple Chicken Bacon Sandwich

A delicious, gourmet-style sandwich that’s so simple and fast to make!


9. French Dip Sandwiches

Think soft, juicy meat and a heap of melted cheese.


10. Cold Sandwich

A recipe ideal for school lunches, busy days, or picnics!


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