10 Fabulous Finger Foods You Can Make For Your New Year’s Party

New year is almost here! It is almost time to start preparing that party menu of yours. For a cocktail party, all you need is a few appetizers and drinks to get it right. Sounds simple? But everyone who has organized one before, know the troubles of preparing the right menu for the party. There’s always a huge confusion preceding the menu plan. What to make? What to bake? What not to make and bake? These are just three of the three hundred questions that are running in your head. Guess what! We have got the perfect list of appetizers lined up for this New Year’s Party. 


1. Chicken Cakes


Chicken Cakes cooked Thai Style with fish sauce and curry paste has the sweet-sour taste. With a squeeze of lemon, the tangy taste of the chicken is great with the rest of the flavors. Get Recipe!


2. Crab Puff


 Crab puffs with Rangoon dips are crispy and filling. This recipe has party measures. Get Recipe!


3. Black Olive dip


The black olive dip is a party-favorite regardless of whether you love black olives or not. Add jalapeno peppers to this recipe to get the spiced tangy flavor.  Get Recipe!


4. Marinated Shrimp 

lemon-garlic-marinated-shrimpShrimp is another common choice for parties as it goes well with a lot of wines and it is light. Marinated shrimp with flavors like dill, capers and mustard. This is bound to be popular among the guests. Get Recipe!


5. Garlic Tapas Tomatoes


Tired of the usual Chicken starters like Chicken Lollipop? Try Chicken this way. Yer another easy Chicken reicpe but it is sure to leave your guests speechless. Get Recipe!


6. Egg rolls


Egg rolls are fancy takeouts that everyone loves. Get Recipe!


7. Beer Battered Fish


Fish and chips are the best and most favorite. You can never go wrong with them and with this recipe of beer battered fish fries you will leaving your guests craving for more. Get Recipe!


8. Bacon wrapped potatoes


Bacon and Potatoes. Bacon and Potatoes. Bacon and Potatoes. *Heavy Breathing*Get Recipe!


9. Stuffed Mushrooms


A different way to make mushrooms. The mushrooms are stuffed wit ha spicy cream cheese filling. Get Recipe!


10. Parmesan Shoestring fries 


This recipe is mind blowing. You will just have to try this! Just too good. Don’t blame us if your guests stay at your place for another whole year. Get Recipe!