10 Favourite Indian Foods That You Have to Try Before You Die!

Indian food, whether sweet or savoury, is easily the all-round choice for every occasion. Whether it’s for a cozy teatime tête-à-tête, a wholesome dinner, or even for satiating those untimely cravings, Indian cuisine has just the variety to pick from. And when we say variety, we mean the signature coconut oil fried chips from Kerala to the fiery pickles of Punjab. But how does one enjoy all of these amazing foods without spending a fortune on travel or settling for the next best option? Say hello to TasteBells, the one stop (online) shop for every kind of desi food that your palate desires.

The well-stocked and pleasingly diverse food portal allows you to take your pick from a wide variety of sweets, snacks, beverages, staples, condiments, and more from all around India. And the best part? The website lists some of the country’s most authentic vendors on its website like Jammu’s Pahalwan Sweets to Allahabad’s Hari Ram & Sons and Kanpur’s Thaggu Ke Laddu to Ajmer’s Gangaram Halwai to Kolkata’s Ganguram Sweets to Nagercoil’s Kumari Chips, so you can be rest assured of the authenticity of your grubs. Speaking of which, picking from the sea of options is not a piece of cake (pun intended). Do you agree? Well then here’s a list of our favorite foods from across various Indian cities.


  1. Allahabad – Hari Ram ke Samose

Who doesn’t like a platter full of deliciously stuffed samosas? These come straight from the house of Allahabad’s world famous namkeen and masala makers, Hari Ram and Sons. Prepared using pure ghee and freshly ground hand picked spices, their signature aloo less samosa packs spices and a rich filling to leave a long lasting spell on your taste buds.10 Favourite Indian Foods That You Have to Try Before You Die!


  1. Kanpur – Thaggu Ke Laddu

Laddus hold a special place in every mithai lovers’ heart. Especially if it’s from Thaggu’s in Kanpur. This laddoo extraordinaire is a specialty of Thaggu Ke Laddoo and comes loaded with dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, suji, khoya, and cardamom blended to perfection in pure desi ghee. The sinfully amazing indulgence is silky smooth and boasts of just the right amount of sugar and crunchy dry fruits.10 Favourite Indian Foods That You Have to Try Before You Die!


  1. Panipat – Achaar Pachranga

Behold, the mighty pachranga achaar (mixed pickle) from the house of world-renowned authentic Indian pickle makers from Panipat, Pachranga Foods! Crafted to tangy-spicy perfection in mustard oil, this finger licking good pickle is made using fresh mango slices, lemon, green chillies, lotus stem, karonda, turnip, carrot seasoned in a deliciously piquant blend of select Indian spices, freshly ground and mixed with these vegetables for that delicious fusion.10 Favourite Indian Foods That You Have to Try Before You Die!



  1. Coorg – Almond Slab Chocolate

Apart from the many things it is famous for, Coorg also prides itself with one of India’s best and most popular almond chocolates. The luscious almond slabs are enriched with real, crunchy almonds that are mixed with chocolate to silky smooth perfection. Coorg’s eminent chocolate brand, Choci Coorg creates some of the most mouth watering and decadent chocolates in India, and that is precisely why the scenic hill station attracts chocolate lovers from everywhere – to relish its rich and heavenly chocolate treats!10 Favourite Indian Foods That You Have to Try Before You Die!


  1. Pune – Shrewsbury Biscuits

If you’ve ever stepped foot in the ‘calm capital’, a.k.a. Pune, of India, you’d be aware that tea times are incomplete without some Shrewsbury biscuits. Kayani Bakery, the mastermind behind these delicious cookies, roll out batch after the other of these buttery treats that feature a unique taste and texture. So the next time you brew a cup of tea, make sure you have a jar of Shrewsbury to give you company!10 Favourite Indian Foods That You Have to Try Before You Die!


  1. Jaisalmer – Ghotua Laddu

One of the leading names in the laddoo-making business since over a century, Dhanraj Ranmal Bhatia Sweets Jaisalmer are celebrated the world over for their famous Ghotua Ladoos. These rich laddoos are handcrafted to perfection using some of the finest quality ingredients including gram flour, khoya (mawa), pure ghee, and sugar. No wonder people swear by these sweet globules of sheer indulgence!10 Favourite Indian Foods That You Have to Try Before You Die!


  1. Agra – Kesar Angoori Petha

Anyone and everyone who has seen the Taj Mahal, has taken home a box of Panchhi Petha. Lucky for you, TasteBells saves you the trip to Agra! Prepared using all natural ingredients in supremely hygienic surroundings, these soft and juicy angoori pethas come garnished immaculately with saffron strands. But why angoori petha? Well, this classic flavour makes for real treat for one’s culinary senses and simply cannot be missed!10 Favourite Indian Foods That You Have to Try Before You Die!


  1. Amritsar – Sukha Aam Papad

Ampapad or amawat is a traditional Indian snack. It is essentially sun dried raw mango pulp mixed with concentrated treacle, jaggery, and sesame oil among other things. Translucent and leathery in appearance, it works as a great antioxidant and is frequently recommended by many nutrition experts. But you don’t have to have a sweet tooth to enjoy some aam papad. Amritsar’s iconic aam papad from Lubhaya Ram & Sons is just a click away. The fruity confectionery is available in a variety of flavours like sweet, spicy, sour and sweet and sour. There’s one for every kind of palate!10 Favourite Indian Foods That You Have to Try Before You Die!


  1. Dehradun – Kwality Caramel Toffees

The age old Kwality Toffees come to delight your taste buds with the popular ‘Kwal Toffs’, which are caramelized, and chewy confections that are distinct in their taste and fudge-like texture. These caramel toffees owe their distinct taste to a secret recipe handed down to Kwality Toffees through the generations. Moreover, the toffee experts use the finest quality liquid glucose, milk and sugar, which they slow cook overnight to get that signature taste that’ll take you down a trip through memory lane.10 Favourite Indian Foods That You Have to Try Before You Die!


  1. Lonavala – Maganlal Chikki

A drive to Lonavala will present you with an abundance of chikki options, but there is one store that promises to treat you with nothing but the best. And TasteBells brings that to you. Lonavala’s iconic Maganlal chikkis are a brilliant combination of crunchy almonds, pistachios, and cashew nuts soaked in jaggery syrup to give you the perfect crunch and sweetness.10 Favourite Indian Foods That You Have to Try Before You Die!


That said, we’d like to add that while we vouch for the above-mentioned foods, this is merely the tip of the food-encrusted iceberg that is TasteBells. So hop on over to their website, www.tastebells.com and order away!