10 Expensive Restaurants Around The Globe That Ensure A Serious Financial Wreckage

If your idea of expensive food is a pizza with extra toppings, extra cheese and sides, then you, my friend, should grab a seat and sit down. For this list of the most expensive restaurants in the world is going to give you a stroke. From extravagant interiors, to ridiculous nitty-gritties, theses 10 eateries – if we dare call them that – redefine dining.



Where: Ibiza, Spain

Treat all your senses – unless you have a sixth – to a stylishly curated experience. Run by Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero brings together gastronomical and technological excellence to create a 20-course meal that’ll cost you a monstrous $2078. The dining space comprises of a dim lit tunnel and a futuristic table complete with an enchanting audio-visual that plays while you eat up two thousand dollars.g1


Ithaa Undersea restaurant

Where: Maldives

As the name suggests, the restaurant sits laid out in a glass tube 16.5 ft below sea level. The guests get a surreal 180-degree view of aquatic life and coral gardens. Consisting of mainly European cuisine, the six-course menu will cost you a sum of $320. Per person.g4



Where: New York

Masa prides itself with an array of seafood that is flown in from Japan. Needless to say this makes it one of the most sought after and expensive sushi junctures in The Big Apple. Created by Chef Masa Takayam, the multi-course spread entails five appetizers, a sushi entrée and dessert of course. This lavishness will give you a hiccup of at least $450 and could go up to $600.g3


Restaurant Le Meurice

Where: Paris

Own and run by critically acclaimed chef and restaurateur Alain Ducasse, the three Michelin-starred space draws its inspiration from the palace of Versailles. The interiors complete with elegant antiques spells out lavish. For a hole worth $524 (~INR 35,000) in your pocket, you can get a taste of exquisite cheeses, bakes and hand picked fruits and chocolates.g2



Where: Tokyo

Sitting atop the Chanel building in the Ginza area, Beige is yet another gem in Chef Alain Ducasse’s crown. The restaurant offers French cuisine with a hint of Japanese ingredients. Nibble on the Cep and Matsutake Mushrooms worth a mammoth $259, a multi course spread that’ll cost you around $200 and top it off with a Chanel button shaped chocolate for a “measly” $25.dscn7827


Gordon Ramsay

Where: London

A well-know chef, restaurateur and nightmare, Chef Ramsay’s restaurants are superbly sought after. Located in Chelsea, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay proudly boasts 3 Michelin stars. Fill yourself with seasonal multi-cpurse chows for $320 (sans taxes, by the way) and wash it down with a bottle of 1900 Chateau Margaux 1er cru classé that’ll cost you a $18,850 blow.dscn2829



Where: Tokyo

Rated as the world’s most expensive restaurant in 2006 by Forbes, the place still maintains a place in the Top 5 today. Huddled at the root of a long corridor in the basement of a building in Tokyo, the restaurant can seat only 22 people at a time, which in itself speaks volumes about its exclusivity. The place is known for its impeccable Sanda beef preps which can cost up to a massive $341 per person!img_60962


Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

Where: Paris

Famous for his off beat and bold ways of presenting food, Chef Grant Achatz came up with a restaurant that saw it’s name on 2015’s World’s Best Restaurants list. The place never fails to disappoint with its flavored (and edible) helium-filled balloons, desserts that are plated at your seat and that’s just the beginning. To enjoy this 22-course gastronomical ride, guests have to shell out $265 per person.alineafinal


Schloss Schauenstein

Where: Fürstenau, Switzerland

A quiet getaway in the Swiss Alps, the place boasts of a cuisine immaculately put together by Chef Andreas Caminada. Nestled inside an 18th century caste, the place is the perfect destination for a date to give you the ‘feels’. Feels that’ll punch you with a $355 – per person, sans gratuity – bill in the gut.switzerlandfinal

Image Source: NDTV Food



Where: Kyoto, Japan

A firm believer of the fact that every dish served to a guest should be no less than a piece of art, Chef Kunio Tokuoka makes dining at Kitcho a lifetime experience. Valued at a hefty sum lingering around $600per person, the food at the Michelin starrer eatery is a reflection of Japan’s palate and culture.kitchofinal

Image Source: NDTV Food