10 Everyday Foods That Will Get Your House Sparkling Clean!

Cleaning can be a nuisance. Shopping for cleaning materials and lugging home bottles of bleach and disinfectant can be an even bigger nuisance. And, lingering stains on tablecloths and rugs are the biggest nuisance. As always, food will come to your rescue. We’re sure you have these common products sitting in your kitchen; put them to double use and make your house look all shiny and new!



After a long barbecuing session, stick half an onion between tongs and scrub your grill with it. Onions have antiseptic qualities that will have it sparkling in no time! You could also rub an onion slice across dirty window panes to clear away the grime.



Tea contains cleaning elements otherwise known as tannins. Rub used tea bags over wood surfaces in the place of a commercial polish. It’ll make your wood smell amazing too!

Banana Peels


Don’t throw out those banana peels. Instead, grind them into a paste, rub it on your silverware and then rinse them. Or, simply rub the peel across your silverware to make it infinitely shinier!



The acidity in a bottle of ketchup will make your copper pots gleam. Simply dip a wet cloth into a little ketchup, rub it against your copper ware and voila!



Use salt as a scrubber when doing the dishes. Or, dissolve it in water and pour it over carpet or cloth stains and allow it to rest for a while. Then, rinse out the cloth and your stain will have disappeared.



Lemons are highly acidic, which make them great for cleaning. Scrub at stains on wood or steel with a lemon halve and they’ll wear down. Or, throw half a lemon into your dustbin or garbage disposal to help the smell.



Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and use it as a surface cleaner.



Cut a walnut in half and rub it against scratches on wood. The stain should fad, if not disappear completely.

Potato Peels


Use those potato peels from the potato dish you whipped up at dinner to tackle rust. Simply dip the peels into a dish washing soap and scrub it against rust covered surfaces.

Baking Soda


Baking soda can be used to combat bad odours. Simply place an uncovered dish of baking soda in your fridge to get rid of any overwhelming smells.



Slice a cucumber and rub it against stains on walls. They’ll rub right off. You could also use it to polish stainless steel utensils.