10 Egg Dishes To Take You Around The World On World Egg Day

World Egg Day calls for some egg dishes from the world over. Egg being a staple in pretty much every region, has a native variant everywhere you go. So to commemorate this day we’ve brought together 10 recipes to egg up your day. Enjoy!


Egg Curry


It doesn’t really need to be Egg Day to dive into a bowlful of masala-smothered egg with curry.



US & Canada

Because, winter is coming!




Give your taste buds a wholesome Turkish bath.




Put your leftover veggies to delicious use with a dash of Italy.


Scotch Eggs


Hard boiled eggs coated in minced meat and bread crumbs deep fried to gastronomical perfection.


Spanish Omelet


There is omelet and then there is Spanish Omelet.


Egg Foo Young


A Chinese avatar of the omelet with mushrooms, bean sprouts, and onions and just about everything! Yum!


Nargisi Kofta

Pakistan, Afghanistan

A Mughal favorite, the eggs are batter fried in minced meat and served with decadent gravy.


Egg Tarts

Hong Kong

A sugary tart with a crisp base.




A coconut flavor egg pie to get you in the mood for some Samba!


The BuzzFeed Team has been kind enough to bestow us with the opportunity of going around the world in 20 eggs. Have a look at what the world is doing with their farm eggs.