10 Easy Diwali Sweets and Snacks Recipes

No celebration is complete without a touch of sweet. Desserts are the highlight of every Indian festival. They add much more enthusiasm to the festive spirit. With Diwali around the corner, festivities have finally stepped in. These are really easy recipes which can be made under 30 minutes with simple ingredients.

Some of the Popular Diwali Sweets and Snacks are listed below.

1.   Thenkuzhal Murukku Recipe 

It is one of the easiest of murukku  varieties. It will be one of the main snack in our households during Diwali.    

Diwalli Thenkuzhal Murukku Recipes


2.  South Indian Mixture Recipe (Chivda)

If you know how to prepare omapodi (refer point 3 ), then preparing South Indian mixture at home is no big deal.

South Indian Mixture Chivda Recipe

3. Omapodi Recipe 

It is an essential savory item along with Sweet chutney, forming an integral part of most Indian street food snacks. It is known as Sev/Karapusa


4.  Semiya Kesari Recipe (Vermicelli)

Vermicelli Kesari Recipe is a very easy recipe made with Semiya and the best part is, it is quick to make and needs little ghee unlike other kesari recipe.

                                        semiya vermicelli kesari recipe

5.  Adhirasam Recipe

Athirasam Recipe is a Traditional South Indian sweet prepared on Diwali. It is also known as Ariselu, Kajjaya, Athirasa in South India. 

                                     Adhirasam Recipe


6.  Jangiri Recipe

Jhangri or Jangiri Recipe is a traditional sweet made with urad dal. It is prepared during Diwali.  It is also known as Imarti or Emarti in the North India.


Jhangri Recipe


7.  Kaju Pista Rolls Recipe

It quite easy to prepare a Kaju Pista Roll-Mithai on a two layered roll filled with savoury sweets that you could prepare for your kids


8.  Ribbon Murukku Recipe 

Ribbon Murukku Recipe is also called Ribbon Pakoda or Nada Thenkuzhal. You can try this easy murukku recipe for this Diwali and enjoy with your family.

ribbon murukku recipe

9. Coconut Burfi Recipe 

Coconut Burfi is a classic and traditional sweets that is rich in flavour and easy to make!

coconut barfi recipe


10. Rava ladoo Recipe

Rava ladoo is a traditional diwali recipe.  A glass of milk and this golden ball of ghee-ladden goodness.

rava ladoo recipe


Happy Diwali To Everyone !