10 Downing Street’s Decade-Long Legacy

The iconic number 10 on the big wooden door brings back fond memories as we reach 10 Downing Street at T. Nagar, Chennai. Fondly known as 10D among its loyal patrons, this place is a popular hangout spot for the people of Chennai, and has been one for the past ten years. The tranquil interiors made to replicate an authentic English-styled pub warmly welcomes you and the pleasant music is an added mood-lifter.

Snazzy posters that depict each of their famed themed nights give us a taste of why 10D is so popular. They have Vintage Night, Rock Night, Ladies Night, Karaoke Night, Retro Music Night, Club Night and Bollywood Night. The super-interactive themes and their Happy Hour offers, needless to say, are absolute crowd-pullers.

We decided to go the mix-and-match way for our meal instead of the tastefully-curated combos they have on their menu. We started with an oriental starter, the Thai-styled Stir-fried Vegetables, cubes of paneer, capsicum, broccoli, and cauliflower stir-fried in a tangy sauce spiced with garlic. The softness of the paneer and the crunch of the veggies make for a contrasting texture that’s absolutely yummy.

Our next starter was a specialty named after the restobar itself – the 10D-style Cheesy Malai Kebab. Mini chicken kebabs that come with a spicy mint chutney have oodles of cheese with crunchy onions adding more flavor to the dish. Along with the chutney, the kebabs are a delicacy all by themselves.

Another chicken starter we had were the chicken lollipops, delicious chicken legs cooked to perfection and tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce that gives the chicken a glossy coat making it even more tempting. The chicken was tender and the dish was definitely a lip-smacking experience.

For the main course, we chose the Indian favorites, garlic-flavored rice and makhni gravy with the chicken kebab. The makhni gravy was a huge hit with us right from the first bite. It was smooth, creamy and so delicious that we couldn’t stop going for another spoonful. The rice was mildly flavored and the chicken kebabs were soft and didn’t clash with the flavorful makhni. The three components of the dish blended very well together and what resulted was a hearty, delicious meal.

The minced-lamb spaghetti that we ordered next was a meaty concoction that was filling and delightfully savory with every bite. Lovers of the Italian cuisine will no doubt fall for this dish.

The cocktail we ordered to go with the meal was the Mango Madness, their summer special cocktail that was refreshing, to say the least. It was delicious and tasted like a little glass of summer and made the lunch complete in every way.

10 Downing Street has every component required to stay on top of Chennaiites’ favorite hubs right from scrumptious food, yummy cocktails and one-of-a-kind entertainment for those who’d like to party!

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