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10 Dishes To Pep Up Makar Sankranti Celebrations


Makar Sankranti is the official see off to winter and also a celebration of the onset of spring and the harvest season. The festival goes by several names and is ce;berated in parts of India and Nepal.

Similar to almost every festival, Makar Sankranti too sees a stockpile of food items in sweet shops, kitchen and parties. Here are ten traditional dishes you can make at home to add some (more) food to the celebrations.


  1. Til Laddoo

Til (sesame) is the principle harvest of the season, making the til laddoos a must in every household.


  1. Murmure Chikki

Made of crunchy rice puffs and jiggery, the murmure chikki is a typical Maharshtrian dish that is a staple during Sankrant in th region.


  1. Paatishaapta

A Bengali Sankrant delicacy, the paatishaapta is an Indian version of crepes or pancake made with date palm jaggery, khoya and coconut.


  1. Rewari

A jaggery coated sesame sweet, the rewari are small bite-sized sweets romanticized with chilly winters and piping hot milk in Northern India. Get the recipe here.


  1. Tilachi Poli

The tilachi poli is a delicious Maharashtrian delicacy made of flat bread stuffed with a mix of jaggery, sesame and gram flour roasted to perfection in pure ghee.


  1. Puli Pitha

Another Bengali favourite, the puli pitha is a sweet dumpling dipped in creamy spice-infused milk.


  1. Til Chikki

Another rendition of the jaggery infused chikki, this version is made with sesame instead of rice puffs.


  1. Pinni

A hardcore Punjabi delicacy, Pinni is an uber sumptuous and healthy dish made during the month of Sankrant.


  1. Til Gajak

Til Gajak or sesame brittle is yet another sweet sesame (til) preparation made with sesame seeds and sweet condensed milk. Learn how it’s made here.


  1. Makara Chaula

This is a festive dish fro Odisha that is prepared with freshly harvested rice, coconut, sesame, banana and jaggery. Get the recipe here.


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