10 Dessert Recipes To Put A Smile On Your Professor’s Face This Teacher’s Day

10 Dessert Recipes To Put A Smile On Your Professor’s Face This Teacher’s Day

In the journey from ‘May I come in Miss’ to ‘I’m going to miss you teacher’ we’ve all grown up. We’re sharing these recipes with all those students or ex-students who want to put a big smile on their teacher’s face. Make them and share a wonderful day with your teachers tomorrow. Happy Teacher’s Day 2018!

Tiramisu Cupcake Recipe

Elegant, creamy and just the way to go when meeting up with the coolest teachers of your batch!

Cake In A Jar Recipe

Don’t really cook or bake that often? Then this recipe is just the thing you need!

Anjeer Barfi Recipe

Well, don’t forget your PT teachers now!

Fruit Cake Recipe

We all loved these as kids and now that we’re grown up, we still love them.

Nutella Brownies Recipe

Nothing says ‘I love you teacher’ like delicious Nutella brownies!

Mango Shrikhand Recipe

Easy-peasy and simply yummy. Plus it’s traditional. So surprise your teacher with this awesome treat!

Gulab Jamun Recipe

No one can resist the charm of a luscious Gulab Jamun. Nope, not even your strictest professor!

Belgian Chocolate Cake Recipe

If you’re baking for your teachers, go all the way! Make a whole cake that everyone can enjoy!

Pineapple Halwa Recipe

Sometimes simple Indian recipes are enough to melt the heart of your teacher. It might not improve your grades, but they will have a soft corner for you!

Malai Peda

Present your teacher’s with this lovely peda and watch the look on their faces when they come to know that you’re the cook!

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