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10 Creations By Ioana Vinci That Give Spooning A Whole New Meaning


There’s art, there’s food art and then there’s food art on a spoon! We have all seen multiple miniature artworks. But a piece of art done on a concave metallic surface is a whole new level. An architect by day and an artist by night, Ioana Vinci uses spoons as her canvas and creates animals, celebrities and landscapes out of fruit and vegetable peels. It’s almost unimaginable until you realize that her family name is ‘Vinci’. There might not be any connection but just saying!

Here are 10 of Ioana’s spoon works. You can ogle over more such artwork on her Instagram page.


  1. Karl Lagerfeld never looked more edible!12-700


  1. Welcome to the jungle!11-700


  1. Can I have a bouquet of these flowers?10-700


  1. The Dark Knife Rises9-700


  1. Flying South For Dinner8-700


  1. It takes two to mango!6-700


  1. Glass hopper5-700


  1. Kung Food Panda4-700


  1. Bread Indian! That head gear tho!3-700


  1. A Frog Prince to keep your taste buds happy.2-700

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