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10 Cooking Tips Dad forgot to tell You About!


There are a few things we need to know about cooking! The most important pointer here is, be prepared with some easy measures! A pointer Dad forgot to tell you about!

Frozen Peas a Must

Dad frozen peas_compressed

Peas, well that is something you got to stock up, so when the love of your life comes home she can whisk up something for you! You want something home-cooked and tasty and cannot cook it yourself, so the next best thing is keep stock and wave that magic card and order the frozen peas, they cook real fast!

Order Your Grocery


It is easy though nowadays to order grocery, there are any number of stores that will deliver. So it is important to make sure that if there is something you particularly like very much like say paneer then make sure the frozen packets are there, then on short notice it isn’t difficult to toss up a dish, rather than pans!

Cheese for Sure


Cheese makes every dish tasty. So stocking them is really a good moto. Let’s just say you tried to make a dish and it just does not taste like food, dunk the cheese and something may just turn right for you.

Soup Sachets

Dad soup_compressed


Soup Sachets are a last-minute cooking blessing! Did you know they can be converted to make up a gravy for your dish, especially if it is pasta you want to make? Even a pulao can be complimented with a curry made with quick fix soup sachets.

Canned Beans

Dad beans_compressed


Canned beans are a savior, when you have sudden bursts of guests and an extra dish has to be whisked up. Even if not by surprise it’s smart to have easy options at home.

Canned Mushrooms

canned mushroom_compressed

Canned Mushrooms are really tasty. It’s not always the can that can come in handy! Not that we advocate canned foods only, but they help in times when there is a time factor involved and which one of us is not busy?

Salad Dressing

Dad Salad


Salad dressing will help you to set up a nice bowl of freshly made interesting salad. Salads are easy to make, a nice choice of dressing will take way the pressure of storing the more easily perishable variety of veggies!

Peanut Butter


Peanut butter is loaded with energy and nutrients. A slather of it on a toast on a hurried morning will keep anyone in better spirit than with no home cooked hot breakfast. That would be the ideal, but then….busy busy busy…better to expect less and be prepared!

Cold Cuts and Frozen Meat

Cold Cuts_compressed

Cold cuts and frozen meat are easy and cook or rev up a dish. You have left over pasta add the sliced sausages and in quick time a pretty cuisine can be constructed around them. They are as handy can be!



Jams really surprise you with the versatility that they possess. They can be just beautifully spread on bread, and can be enjoyed just like that! Or it can be added to a beautiful roast and that extra gooey flavouring, refreshed with herbs all in quick time!