10 Cooking Techniques That Will Help You In The Kitchen

We have all fought our little battles in the kitchen. After all, we are only human. So we are giving you tips and tricks in the kitchen that will help you fight better and smarter. Follow these simple cooking techniques in the kitchen to save time, correct salty food and much more! 

1. Adjust extra salt


If the dish is too salty, you can correct it by adding potatoes to it. Potatoes can absorb salt to a great extent than anything other ingredient.

2. Cook faster

Chef cooking vegetables in wok pan

Vegetables cook faster when they are cut into small pieces and make sure they are evenly sure so that the cooking time for the pieces does not vary.

3. Marinating chicken


Chicken tastes better and tastier when you leave it, overnight in a zesty lemon and parsley marinade. This adds more flavor to the chicken. This chicken can be used for all the dishes.

4. Always cook garlic first


Always cook garlic in the beginning, so that the raw flavor doesn’t stick around. This way the other ingredients also get the flavor.

5. Crispier food


To get crispier bajjis or vegetable fries, just add corn flour to the batter.

6. Soft chapattis


Chapati dough just makes it impossible sometimes. It is easy if you have the right formula though. What is can do to make your chapattis soft, always use warm water and add curd to make them softer. This will also add to the taste.

7. Perfecting Noodles


After you are done boiling the noodles, drain away the excess water and add oil a pinch of oil to the noodles to separate them from each other or just transfer them to a jar containing cold water. You can also add oil while they are cooking to get less sticky noodles.

8. Never cook chives for long


Cooking chives can destroy their flavor, just add them in the last minute.

9. Layered cakes


Cut perfect layers of cakes evenly by using dental floss instead of knife.

10. Boiling eggs


Eggs can turn into a disaster if not boiled properly for the right time. Adding salt when they are boiling will keep them from cranking up while adding baking soda in the last minute will help you peel the shells better.