10 Comebacks For Silly Questions That Vegetarians Are Asked


Oh you’re a vegetarian! *Disappointed look* What do you eat then? Cottage cheese and potato must be life saviors for you? What about eggs? Where do you get your proteins? What if someone mixed chicken in your food? Or what if you ate meat by mistake? But you do know that humans are supposed to be omnivores, right?

And many many more! Let’s face it, being a vegetarian is not difficult but these moronic questions posed by certain “omnivores” makes it a hell lot difficult! Not anymore. Here are equally inane answers to 10 ridiculous questions that meat eaters – who are devoid of any common sense – often ask vegetarians.


  1. If you love animals so much, why are you eating their food?

If you love yourself so much, why are you asking me this question while I still have a fork and knife in hand?anigif_enhanced-buzz-1865-1383430751-1


  1. Seriously though, where do you get your nutrients?

Ever heard of sprouts, quinoa, broccoli and lentils? By the way, proteins promote cell growth, which your brain seems to be devoid of.giphy (1)


  1. But you feed your cat meat, so you do support meat consumption?

Unlike my cat neither do you have nine lives nor will you be able to land flat if I throw you off my terrace.giphy (7)


  1. Like pure vegetarian? Not even eggs?

Yep. Because I’d rather throw the eggs at you.LorB2


  1. The Dalai Lama eats meat, so why not you?

Because Hitler was vegetarian.tumblr_inline_n08q3nXwCr1rh3k1r


  1. So what do you eat? Leaves?

No, your moronic IQ kills my appetite every time.giphy (5)


  1. But you don’t look like a vegetarian!

As compared to the long canines and sharp claws non-vegetarians have?talktothehand


  1. But God intended us to eat meat, what else would explain the teeth structure?

This is actually a good question. But then again, let’s have a look at slaughterhouses and rest the case, shall we?giphy (19)


  1. A common one for the eggetarians. If you can eat eggs, then why not meat?

We’re getting back at non-vegetarians for eating greens.giphy (20)


  1. But the animals are eventually going to die, why not just eat them?

Well so are you, why don’t I just kill you right now?giphy (24)