10 Classic Appetisers You Should Serve At Your Next House Party

party appetisers

As much as partying in a pub sounds all fancy and fun, nothing beats a good old house party with BYODs, scrumptious delicacies and grooving to your favourite music with your favourite people. Indeed, the alcohol is the central character in the party, but you should know the delightful truth of the day that food is the answer to everything and betraying your stomach and cheating on your hunger is the last thing you want to do while you’re alive and kicking on this planet. Appetisers play a very important role in house parties and I want you to make a promise to yourself that you will judge and conclude that a party without good or any appetisers is a bad party because at the end of the day, food matters. You need to make sure that everyone under your roof appreciates what you serve. House parties usually do not involve dinner or lunch, so the appetisers substitute the meals of the day and has a fundamental role in satisfying the hunger of your guests. So, at the end of the day, appetisers play a role as important as the alcohol. 

Confused about what to serve your guests? Well, here is a list of party appetisers that you can serve at your next house party and we guarantee that your guests will have the best time satisfying their hunger at your party. 

Kettle chips/French fries/Potato wedges with Greek yoghurt garlic herb dip

party appetisers

If someone doesn’t like potatoes, leave the spot immediately and leave planet earth and away from that person because you don’t want such negative vibes in your life. Potatoes are indeed heavenly vegetables gifted to us by the holy power and we need to make optimum use of this beauty. An all time favourite, be it kettle chips or french fries or wedges, is a default appetiser that must be present at every party because it’s easy to eat, less messy and let us take a moment to appreciate its level of deliciousness when dipped in a beautiful bowl of Greek yoghurt garlic herb dip. 

Shredded smoked chicken in lettuce wraps

party appetisers

Beautifully smoked chicken breast cut to delicate thin slices and drizzled with some heavenly oozing sauces and finally perfectly packed inside fresh lettuce flaps. Doesn’t this description tingle your OCD senses? The sound of it is absolutely perfect so wait till you serve these to your guests, you might have to get ready for a few hugs you might be receiving for the miracles these bad boys do to your guest’s taste buds. 

Malai chicken kebabs/Chicken tikkas 

party appetisers

Stepping away from the continental side, we have the Indian cuisine and nothing beats the beauty and the indescribable taste of Tandoor. Chicken marinated for hours in a curd based batter with an overload of indian spices and masala and then gently char grilled giving out the perfect tikkas will definitely enhance the evening as well. 

Paneer Tikkas

party appetisers

Well, those who were disappointed with the core component in the above described appetiser, here is your turn to get your mouth watering because paneer tikkas are as delicious as chicken tikkas. The paneer which goes through the same process of marination can be served with some grilled capsicums, tomatoes and onions, all lined together on a skewer which gives your taste buds a delightful experience with every bite you take. 

Chicken wings

party appetisers

Now it is time to get your hands messy because *coughs* chicken wings. Even though potatoes and skewers and tikkas come and go, the chicken is extremely faithful and makes sure it pleases our expectations every time we take a bite into those hot, saucy, succulent wings tossed in a flaming hot sauce. Chicken wings do make your hands messy and by eating wings with a fork, you put yourself in danger as you might be eligible for cruel penalties by the people around you. So grab that wing and get your hands messy, because you have a winner in your hand. 

Garlic bread sticks

party appetisers

If you have met a person who hates garlic bread in your life, you are on the wrong planet. Garlic bread equals to the very reason we live and survive because one cannot simply hate this wonderful creation contributed by humankind. A very neat and delicious treat you can serve your guests, garlic bread always brings happiness to everyone’s lives. So as a human being, it is your prime duty to serve your guests garlic bread at your house party. 

Stuffed mushrooms 

party appetisers

Mushrooms are these little creatures which can do wonders with the cavity within its central body. Stuffed mushrooms are the little bombs that burst flavour into your mouth and to serve these at your house party is an ideal choice. They are extremely easy-to-hold-and-eat appetisers and they do hold in loads of flavour depending on the stuffing you stuff inside the mushroom. Few stuffings that could be inside the mushroom: minced chicken/beef with finely shredded coriander and finally wrapped in bacon and deep fried, mashed paneer with finely chopped parsley and green chillies and loads of mozzarella cheese. These mushrooms can create a divine explosion inside your mouth. 

Beef cutlets 

party appetisers

Finely minced red meat with some finely chopped garlic, ginger, coriander and chillies, all put together and rolled in a doughy crust and deep fried to give out the perfect beef cutlets for the evening. Keep some ketchup for accompaniment and these cutlets are good to go for the party. 

Caramelised onions and olives focaccia bites

party appetisers

Onions caramelised to perfection and delicately cut olives placed on bite sized focaccia breads is a combination that will enhance the vibe of your house party. With drinks on the house and with these bites in hand, nothing can go wrong as you are already giving your guests the best time of their lives under your roof with a focaccia cube of bread with the perfect topping. 

Nachos and dips 

party appetisers

The classic appetiser that exists at every party which stands as a competition to the potato varieties with greek yoghurt is an appetiser that stands proud and tall as being involved at every party. This is a very simple way of treating your guests for the night by placing your nachos in a humongous bowl and another huge bowl brimming with salsa or guacamole and your guests can just constantly come to get their share and continue dancing and sloshing the night away. 

Indeed, the number of appetisers you can serve at a house party are endless and also the appetisers should be prepared in accordance with what your guests would like to have for the evening but it is a guarantee that the above mentioned appetisers are classic all time favourites that would be appreciated and welcomed at every house party. Now that you’ve read this post, get out of here and start planning your next house party and make sure you don’t betray the above appetisers.


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