10 Christmas Recipes To Celebrate The Holiday Season With Your Loved Ones

10 Christmas Recipes To Celebrate The Holiday Season With Your Loved Ones

Tis’ the season to cherish food and share it with those close to you plus if you love cooking then you must try these recipes. Each one is special, filled with delicious ingredients, the most important one being the love that you put into it. So check out the 25 Christmas recipes that you can make for the holiday season!

FRIENDS Monica’s Candy Recipe

Let’s start with a tad unconventional yet very heart-warming recipe for all the FRIENDS fans out there! But just don’t overfeed the neighbours like Monica.

Peppermint Truffles Recipe

For those who love chocolate but maybe need an ingredient or two to take it down a notch, this Christmas Peppermint Truffle recipe is perfect for them!

Buck’s Fizz – Champagne and Orange Cocktail

So you’re not good with the traditional treats and meat extravaganza, here’s a recipe which is simple and is enjoyed with breakfast on a Christmas morning. Cheers!

Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake Recipe

Made with seasonal, winter ingredients, this cake is soft, delicious and something to be shared. So make loads of it.

Gingerbread Fudge Cream Recipe

Take your pumpkin gingerbread cake a notch higher with this delicious fudge recipe!

Slow Cooker Turkey Breasts With Wine And Bacon

Want to try your hand at turkey? Here’s a recipe that’ll give you the traditional Christmas feels and crank up your cooking skills.

Eggnog Pudding Recipe

Make this delicious eggnog pudding and give yourself a delicious Christmas treat!

The Polar Express Hot Chocolate Recipe

Sit back, relax and watch your favourite movies like The Polar Express with this steaming hot cup of hot chocolate.

Mrs Weasley’s Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Need we say more? All fans of Harry Potter, hop aboard the Hogwarts’ Express and make this delicious chocolate fudge with a recipe that comes quite close to that of Mrs. Weasley. Close because we muggles can’t compete with her!

Christmas Tarts

Make delicious Christmas Plum Tarts especially if you’re having people over for dinner. It will be a tarty change from all the cakes and chocolates doing the rounds all season.

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