10 Famous Personalities And Their Favorite Liquors

It takes more than just fame and money to get high. These celebrities worked their way to the top with their share of poison in tow. Here are 10 international celebs and personalities and their choice of cocktail and alcohol.


  1. Jennifer Aniston


Aniston swears by a good glass of Margarita. For her, a little sweet, a little sour and with plenty of kick does the trick.jen an


  1. Queen Elizabeth II

Gin & Dubbonet

The Queen revealed her favorite poison in a documentary and instantly sent the orders for the drink soaring in her kingdom – UK. Elizabeth II liked hers served with a slice of lemon.queen


  1. JK Rowling

Gin & Tonic

No, the popular Harry Potter author doesn’t live by her characters’ favorite butterbeer. Rowling sticks to the classic gin and tonic at the bar.jk rowling


  1. Pablo Picasso


Knew it! It takes some amount of hallucination or surreal vision to create works like that of Picasso. Oscar Wilde too was a fan of this emerald green hallucinogen.picasso


  1. Jay-Z

Armand de Brignac Champagne

When it comes to his poison, Jay-Z likes to keep it classy and he along with beau Beyonce love to guzzle some of this flawless spirit.jay z


  1. Angelina Jolie


Hollywood’s stunning diva, Angelina Jolie and husband Brad Pitt are famous as owners of a successful line of wines. But hey, if you had a dozen kids and a job so demanding, you too would resort to something stronger. Like tequila.Celebrity Poison


  1. Marilyn Monroe


The world knows it, the timeless, most stylish and gossip tabloids’ favorite child, Marilyn Monroe swore by her flute and bubbly.marilyn monroe


  1. Winston Churchill


The former British PM took his poison rather seriously. Churchill is even said to have the concoction for breakfast on some days!churchill


  1. Oprah

Lemon Drop Martini

A taker for martinis that are slightly on the sweeter side, Oprah likes hers with a dash of lemon drops or with a zing of pomegranate. Pop singer Madonna too loves herself some good pomegranate martini.oprah


  1. Johnny Depp

Mojito & Bourbon Sour

Given the actor’s versatile acting skills, his varying yet classy choice in alcohol does not come as a surprise.johnny depp


So, what’s your poison?